'Vikings' season 6: Who dies and who reigns in the final instalment of History Channel's flagship show

One dead character gets resurrected, but many are bound to die, completing the Seer's prophecy throughout all seasons

                            'Vikings' season 6: Who dies and who reigns in the final instalment of History Channel's flagship show

The trailer for 'Vikings' season 6 immediately dropped after season 5 wrapped up with an explosive finale. 

The death of a fan-favorite character, Freydis (Alicia Agneson) was shortlived as her cold dead body was resurrected in 'Vikings' season 6's trailer that released less than 24 hours after the finale.

Good news is that we will be seeing Freydis back in action again and since the queen is an evil-turned-nice character, fans are hyped about her return, just to see more of the unexplored side of Ivar the Boneless' (Alex Høgh Andersen) love interest.



When in Kattegat, Freydis was a blonde and a beautiful slave who was freed by Ivar prior to making her his queen. She ultimately betrayed him in the end because he killed her son since he was born with a deformity and Ivar, calling himself the god, could not bear to see that. In season 6, she appears as a dark-haired girl in Rus, where Ivar is headed to perhaps raise an army against his brothers, to win Kattegat back.

But this is Michael Hirst's show, where characters are written off and this is the rarest of cases where a character is resurrected. Remember when the protagonist Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) died? Fans pleaded for his return, but we only saw him in flashbacks and dreams in season 5. So for the coming final installment of the History Channel's flagship show, secure your hearts tight, put your guards up since these characters may end along with the show. 


Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick)

Lagertha as a shieldmaiden in 'Vikings' season 5 (History)


As painful as it is to write her name here, the leading shieldmaiden of the series may die in the next season since her death has long been prophecized by the Seer in season 4. One of Ragnar's sons will kill her, says the prophecy, and while fans try to guess which one out of the four sons will kill Lagertha, there's also a belief that the prophecy has already been fulfilled. How? In season 5, Ivar burned her doppelganger proclaiming to the people of Kattegat that she was Lagertha. So maybe, just maybe, that was what the Seer saw, and Lagertha will die of old age, as speculated. However, fans are certain that they will see Lagertha die as Ragnar and his sons' story comes to an eventual end.


Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø)

Hvitserk played by Marco Ilsø (Vikings)


As glimpsed on the trailer, we see Hvitserk with bloodshot eyes as he looks on with fire around him. The intense close up is not conclusive of his death, but given that the real Hvitserk died of burning, his death may be looming in the coming season. 'The Tale of Ragnar's Sons', narrates that when asked about how he wished to die, he decided to be burned alive at a stake of human remains. The scene replicates the idea. However, the Seer's prophecy for him was that he would accomplish what other’s before him couldn't. What could that be though? Can he be the one to kill Ivar? No spoilers yet.


Ivar the Boneless

Ivar the Boneless played by Alex Høgh Andersen (History Channel)


Before the Seer was killed by Ivar, he gave a prophecy regarding his death; "All things are dark, we shall all, all of us, go into the dark. Your chariot lies as broken as your legs. A snake has settled in your skull and your eyes betray you. Your path is strewn with garbage and filth. Oh, the horror! The horror!" Often as literal, this may suggest the character's death, as he is yet to be completely defeated by his brother-cum-enemy, Bjorn Ironside, who won back Kattegat from him in season 5.


Besides these characters, the fate of two more was uncertain as season 5 came to an end.

Gustaf Skarsgård as Floki (IMDb)


First is Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård), who embarked on a quest to find the gods, and ended up finding a marble cross inside the cave, which he thought was Asgard. Thoroughly betrayed by people and his own perception about his gods, the rocks of the cave came crashing down in the penultimate episode of season 5, but whether he survived or not, was not shown. Another significant character absent from the season finale was King Harald (Peter Franzén) who was hurt in a battle of Kattegat.

The good news is, both the characters, according to history, died of old age, so chances are, they will make it till the end.


Bjorn and Ubbe may end up ruling the world since their prophecies suggest they have more to conquer. Season 5 ended with Bjorn in a dream-like state seeing the Seer and asking him "What is to become of me?" to which the Seer then replied, "No one will ever forget the name of Bjorn Ironside, greater than Ragnar."

Ubbe, even though he never approached the Seer, his crazy and now-dead wife Margrethe had asked, "Will my husband Ubbe rule Kattegat?" to which the Seer replied, "No."

"Will I be queen?" she asked, to which he responded "No."  "You don’t know everything…" she said in a rage, to which he replied, "I said he would not be king of Kattegat." So, that's the wrap on all our predictions here solely based on the Seer and historical facts.