'Vikings' season 5 finale: 'Ragnarök', a Scandinavian Armageddon, boils down to Ivar vs. Bjorn and the question is who will triumph?

The much-anticipated finale is just days away and fans are divided into Team Ivar and Team Bjorn. It isn't about who deserves to win, it is about who sails to Russia next season.

                            'Vikings' season 5 finale: 'Ragnarök', a Scandinavian Armageddon, boils down to Ivar vs. Bjorn and the question is who will triumph?

Season 5 of 'Vikings' gave us gore and shook us to the core with episodes such as 'Murder Most Foul' and 'The Most Terrible Thing.' The finale teases to be the ultimate in the darkness and destruction we will see this season as the era of Ragnarok dawns on Kattegat. As the trailer narrates about gods waging war and brothers turning against brothers, it shows us Bjorn Ironside is in trouble, and could very likely not make it, because the promo teaser certainly does not promise anything good for Ragnar's eldest son.

Ivar, on the other hand, a personification of cruelty, has everything working in his favor. With the upper hand of ruling Kattegat, he has enough men to defend his throne as Bjorn's and Hvitserk's alliance suddenly falls short.

Because the bloody showdown in the finale boils down to Ivar the Boneless vs. Bjorn Ironside, let's weigh in on who might emerge victorious and decisively claim Kattegat, before the final season seals the fate at end of this year. This Wednesday's episode will be the last of this penultimate season so the anticipation among fans is soaring.

We have team Ivar on the one hand, and team Bjorn on the other. The rightful heir to the throne is, arguably, Bjorn, but the question isn't anymore about who is deserving, it is about who is winning. Though the trailer shows Bjorn in lethal jeopardy, we know how 'Vikings' love to tease us about death.

Let's recall the penultimate episode where the teaser almost promised us Ubbe was going to die at the hands of a Danish king. But he won the bloody one-on-one combat, so could that be the same strategy when it comes to the finale? Team Bjorn are certainly worried for their hero.



And for Team Ivar, it is also as real as it gets.




A Twitter poll taken by one of the fans revealed the majority believe Bjorn will win the throne to Kattegat; even if that does not look likely. 


Why? Remember the Seer's prophecy in episode 14 this season? "You are Ivar the Boneless, son of Ragnar," the Seer proclaimed in 'The Lost Moment'. "All things are dark. We shall all, all of us, go into the dark. Your chariot lies as broken as your legs. A snake has settled in your skull and your eyes betray you. Your path is strewn with garbage and filth. Oh, the horror! The horror!"

The Seer was ruthlessly killed by Ivar, but the prophecy echoes to date alluding to Ivar's ultimate fall and possible death. But the Seer's prophecy of Bjorn, when Ragnar inquired of him in season 2, was ambiguously stated that he would "marry the daughter of a king" or "will discover and sail around the sea that has no tides. All this, and more, have I foreseen."

I use the word "or" because, to date, it's not clear if both the prophecies were pertaining to Bjorn or Bjorn and another of Ragnar's son. Bjorn has sailed around, in season 5 he went for an adventure to the Mediterranean, but he married Gunnhild, who is a shieldmaiden and not a princess. Season 6 will explore "Rus," as Michael Hirst, the show's creator pointed out.

Since the seafaring warriors have much to explore, and Ivar isn't someone who will sail to faraway lands, because we have never seen him set sail like Bjorn with a thirst for adventure, he might just stay back in Kattegat and reign with terror like he is doing, but since season 6 promises adventure, skål to Bjorn who will likely emerge victorious and guide our Rus exploration.

However, Ivar, also, will make it to season 6, since Alex Hogh, who plays Ivar confirmed his presence on season 6 set via his social media handle and several tags. So, it is highly possible, none of Ragnar's sons die this season, Ubbe didn't, Hvitserk was spared of the sacrifice, Bjorn likely won't and Ivar is coming to season 6. 

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