'Vikings' season 5 episode 15 titled 'Hell' features fire, battle and gore in promo trailer

The promo trailer for the upcoming 'Vikings' episode 15, reveals a terrifying vision of 'Hell' as King Alfred goes to war, guided by Ubbe

                            'Vikings' season 5 episode 15 titled 'Hell' features fire, battle and gore in promo trailer

The promo trailer for 'Vikings' season 5B episode 15 titled 'Hell' is out and it looks exactly like one. There's gore, fire, battle and much bad news. In the episode, Bishop Heahmund sees a vision of hell as he tells Lagertha in the trailer: "The lord came to me last night. He showed me a vision - a vision of hell.”

The scene quickly cuts to a burning field, where a horned-devil-like creature is shown silhouetted as he points towards Heahmund with long, spindly, root-like fingers. The flames rage on and there's another silhouette of a man with a face of a wolf, howling as the orange flames flicker in the backdrop. Between the two terrifying images, a glimpse of Ivar the Boneless is shown, where he stares blankly draped in a thin shawl, but seated close to the sight, which could be hell.

The vision sends shivers down the spine of Bishop Heahmund, who confesses to Lagertha "I was afraid." Why wouldn't he be? He himself is drenched in blood and screaming during the vision. The 30-second- trailer opens with the affirmation that a bloody battle is around the corner; so, we see Ubbe giving King Alfred a rough pep talk: "You need to find your courage or you’re not fit to wear that crown," the Wessex monarch (present day England) is told.

Soon after, we see Alfred roaring into the battlefield as he leads an army all suited up in fitting armor. The charge begins and the hellish flames start raging as men go to war. King Alfred seems caught in a dilemma as he tells Ubbe "We risk killing our own men," to which Ubbe quickly quips "Do you want to win?"

Then, on comes the battle scenes with the two sides clashing fiercely on the battlegrounds as King Alfred cries out "To battle!" pointing the sword forward, shouting the cause "for Christ, for Wessex, and for England!" Torvi is seen fighting, along with Heahmund, Lagertha, and Ubbe, and soon the bloody battle has Lagertha's face smeared in red.

One eagle-eyed fan on Reddit spotted two unlikely characters teaming up on the battlefield. Magnus is shown standing behind Harald during the clash for a brief second and fans are curious to understand why Magnus might have switched sides. Since the second last episode of the season is set to give us the deadliest battle of the season, a premise for a major figure dying is also established. Ivar the Boneless has already killed the Seer after he was foretold prophecies, he didn’t like the sound of.

A plot summary from History for the episode reads: "Bishop Heahmund is wracked with guilt as he fights to renounce his passions; Viking clashes with Saxon on the battlefield, leaving a key figure lost in the balance."