'Vikings' season 5B: Who will live, who will die? Top 3 characters possibly heading to their graves

Bloodshed was predicted for season 5B of 'Vikings'. So, here are three characters with a good chance of ending up dead by the end of the season.

                            'Vikings' season 5B: Who will live, who will die? Top 3 characters possibly heading to their graves

History's drama series 'Vikings' season 5B recently aired on November 28. The historical series follows the legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok along with his crew, and later those of his sons. When the show first aired on History in 2013, it captured audiences from all over the world with its representation of the Norse warriors. 

Ever since the show premiered, fans have been coming up with their theories as to who will end up dead by the end of the season. Even before the show aired, showrunner Michael Hirst, in an interview with Radio Times, revealed there will be significant deaths in 5B. Taking that into consideration, here are three characters, who according to me, are likely to meet their end this season.


After the first episode of 'Vikings' season 5B aired, fans started speculating Rollo will be the character to die by the end the of the season. And, if these theories come true then things don't look good for Rollo. Everyone's favorite Nordic character returned to Kattegat and on his arrival, Ivar The Boneless greeted him.

When Rollo found out both Bjorn and Lagertha are still well and alive he let a huge secret slip out to his friends. He claimed he had an affair with Lagertha and he is the real father of Bjorn and set out to go find them. Though he did not reveal anything more, everyone did notice that he was clenching his stomach and drinking an unknown potion.


This was the start to all the fan theories that the Count might be sick and not have much time left. This also led the fans to start another theory that his illness is the reason he revealed he is the father of Bjorn and is heading out to find him. So, if he dies Bjorn can take over his position in France. "If he is poorly [and] say that Rollo’s in-law the king of France dies, his other children [are too] young to be king or queen so he will ask Bjorn," wrote one fan.

Bishop Heahmund

The storyline of the 'Vikings' is kept a secret but in a promo video, we witness Jonathan Rhys Meyers talking about what is in store for Heahmund in the upcoming episodes. He talks to Lagertha about a vision the Lord shows him. "The Lord came to me last night. He showed me a vision...a vision of hell...and I was afraid," he said.

This adds to the speculation that Heahmund might be the character to die in the season. Especially after Hirst revealed there will be bloodshed and in Heahmund's vision of hell we see a lot of skeletons, fire, the devil himself and a lot of blood everywhere. This could be him figuring out his death is near and there is nothing he can do about it.


Queen Lagertha

The last and final prediction of who might end up dead before the season ends is Queen Lagertha herself. With actress Katheryn Winnick being the director of season 5, she may spend more of her time behind the camera than in front of it as Queen Lagertha. This leads to the theory that this might be the end for her character.

In an interview with TV Guide, Winnick spoke about the Seer's prophecy. But she did not reveal exactly when it will take place. Maybe now since she is the director, there is a chance this might be the season where it all ends for Lagertha. "I feel like since that prophecy, since that meeting with the Seer, I feel like she has gotten to a stage of her life that has a certain amount of peace," she told TV Guide.

When Lagertha went to the Seer, it was prophesized that she will be killed by the son of Ragnar. This has led her to look at her sons as possible threats. We have no idea who it will be. Will it be Ubbe? Is it Bjorn? Is it Hvitserk? Is it Ivar?. We will just have to wait and see.


Although this was said in an interview in January and she later posted a first look of her character in season 6 on her social media account; the prophecies in 'Vikings' nearly always come true, so you never her death might come when it is least expected.

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