'Vikings': sneak peek reveals Ivar has a new queen but there's a major problem to producing an heir

A sneak peek of the upcoming episode reveals Ivar has chosen his queen and while the move is perceived to be a tactical one, Ivar's secret is out - he can never produce children

                            'Vikings': sneak peek reveals Ivar has a new queen but there's a major problem to producing an heir

The 'Vikings' mid-season 5 premiere gave fans all they asked for including a loose sealing of fan theories. A sneak peek of the upcoming Wednesday's episode reveals there's a new Queen of Kattegatt. History Channel's preview, shows Ivar (Alex Høgh) introducing his citizens to his new wife, Freydis (Alicia Agneson).

"My people, my dear people!" Ivar announces as his citizens feast. "I have chosen this woman to be my new wife. Her name is Freydis and soon you will all know her as your queen of Kattegat," Ivar emphasizes as the crowd gasps and cheers.

According to King Harald (Peter Franzen), Ivar securing a wife after taking control of Kattegatt is a genius tactical move as it allows Ivar to have children, produce an heir and continue his legacy to rule Kattegat. However, what Harald does not know is that the plan has a major loophole. Hvitserk (Marco Ilsø) and Margrethe (Ida Marie Nielsen) are quick to share that just because Ivar has a wife now does not mean he will be able to produce an heir to his throne. They know Ivar's secret weakness. "He is... boneless," Margrethe retorts with a giggle.

The secret is shared among the three, but if people come to know Ivar can't be a father, then the situation could escalate into a massive complication for the young king. Ivar is surrounded by enemies, even his own blood and allies. 

However, Ivar's new wife, who will soon be a reigning queen, does not seem very concerned and takes her place by his side rather graciously. Fans are eager to see what unfurls next because even if this is good news for Ivar, there's a lot of bad lurking. Fans are guessing Margrethe will be the next whose blood will be spilled. 

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on History.