'Vikings' season 5B: French fan site drops an exclusive trailer revealing Ivar's sacrifice and teasing Ragnar's return

After Ivar the Boneless proclaimed himself to be a god, he affirms a human sacrifice which could either be the Seer or Lagertha. Ivar's downfall looks eminent.

                            'Vikings' season 5B: French fan site drops an exclusive trailer revealing Ivar's sacrifice and teasing Ragnar's return

Ivar the Boneless has successfully reigned in terror and after his recent proclamation of being a god himself, it looked like there was no stopping him. Accompanied by his evil queen Freydis, Ivar the Boneless had even announced a human sacrifice to be burned in front of the people of Kattegat to establish his godhood.

While the identity of the hooded figure was not revealed, fans took to various social media platforms speculating who the sacrifice could be. Ivar, who is no stranger to killing his own brother, at first hinted it was Hvitserk, who was to be sacrificed, but fans took that to be too obvious. Speculations of the Seer and Lagertha as the sacrifice were also validated by the fans, but to everyone's surprise, a French site dropped a never-before-seen trailer of the season, showing the Seer in flames, and a possible downfall of Ivar the Boneless.

The 1 minute 24 seconds trailer begins with the scared faces of people of Kattegat as Ivar is dressed in a black robe with his face painted white, looking fearsome as ever. The scene moves on to show Lagertha or rather her lookalike, with short silver hair, running alone in the woods in despair. Another chilling scene comes when a woman casually jumps from a cliff into a waterfall.

The Seer also wakes up frightened in bed, and soon enough we see him burn in the pyre. So, the best guess is that it is the Seer who is sacrificed. However, fans have also taken to suggest Lagertha's lookalike, who is seen running, will serve as a proxy sacrifice by Ivar who attempts to win over the people of Kattegat by burning the lookalike of their previous queen to dash their hopes of her coming back. The Seer's sacrifice makes as much sense as Lagertha's. 

Ragnar's death scene is also shown in the trailer, where he was being bitten and poisoned by snakes and while glimpses of his return is hinted, fans aren't buying it and dismissing it as Lagertha's memory of him. Added to all this, the trailer has gone on to disturb fans about Ivar's downfall, not only because Bjorn arrives in Kattegat with an army prepared to kill him, but also because we see Ivar threatened to be killed by his wife as she presses a knife upon his chest.

The same woman who carried him to the zenith of his ambition could be the one responsible for his downfall. Here's the official trailer for tomorrow's episode. 'Vikings' airs every Wednesdays on History Channel and Amazon Prime Video.