'Vikings' season 5B: Fans puzzled over show's dwindling popularity ahead of new season

Fans of the show took to Reddit to try and understand what was going wrong with their favourite drama series

                            'Vikings' season 5B: Fans puzzled over show's dwindling popularity ahead of new season

History's popular drama series 'Vikings' is returning with season 5B on November 29. History has been puzzling the followers of the show from the past month by releasing teasers from the season and keeping them confused with the possibility of multiple deaths. However, the hit drama series is failing to create the much-needed buzz now that the season 5B premiere is around the corner.

One of the fans of the show wrote on Reddit, "How come it seems like no one is excited for 'Vikings' except for the people on the 'Vikings' subreddit."

The fan explained that there are far fewer articles on the show which is about to release when compared with 'Game of Thrones' that is to be released next year but has an article on every single detail of the show. The fan asked, "Why do you think no one really cares about 'Vikings'?"


Other fans joined the conversation and listed various reasons why the show did not do well, one of which was quality. One of the fans said, "Also, the quality of the show has declined so even us fans are kinda weary of the new episodes." Another fan said, "Yeah this. I'll watch 'em for sure but I'm not expecting much tbh so it's whatever." 

Apart from the quality of the show, few fans felt that the mid-season hiatus that extends for a long time does not excite the viewers. One fan explained, "Its why Season 6 is the final season. Hopefully, they put it all out in one 20 episode run instead of this bulls*** year and a half break."

The fan added, "The fu**** breaks between seasons getting larger, the seasons arbitrarily being split into "halfs" for no reason, the declining quality of the storylines, seems like almost everything they did to this show was designed to lose viewership [sic]."


The fans explain that even though season 5A did not live up to its expectation, the death of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) was portrayed well. While another fan said, "Yeah, I'm sure the Vikings fans you see on social media probably dislike this sub as it's mostly criticism since Ragnar died, some are critical but not as critical as this sub plus all the social media fans are fans of Ivar and Lagertha and in here they are hated by most so they must avoid this sub like the plague as it's not friendly to their favorite characters." 


A few thought the only reason for 'Game of Thrones' to be more popular than 'Vikings' was due to their respective budgets. A fan said, "Vikings automatically will have less promo than something like GOT, even if GOT was just starting out. There's a huge budget difference between HBO and The History Channel."

However, the fan acknowledged the growth of the show over time and said, "The only built-in audience for 'Vikings at the start was from fans of Hirst's other works like The Tudors, and everything else had to be grown organically without a huge budget and marketing team."

Season 5B of 'Vikings' will premiere November 28 in the United States and will be available on Amazon Prime Videos on November 29 and one episode will be released thereafter.