'Vikings': The relationship between Lagertha and Bishop Heahmund ends tragically but not before leaving a mark

Fans had already speculated that the relationship would not end well for Bishop Heahmund, who had not only gone against his beliefs but also offered himself entirely to Lagertha

                            'Vikings': The relationship between Lagertha and Bishop Heahmund ends tragically but not before leaving a mark

Some matches are made in heaven but Bishop Heahmund's and Lagertha's was clearly not one of them; for Bishop Heahmund believed in heaven while Lagertha's afterlife place is Valhalla. But that does not mean the earth-made romance falls short of love. In fact, the best love stories are the imperfect kind and that was exactly how Lagertha's relationship was with Bishop Heahmund.

The love story between the Heathen queen and the Catholic priest began in mid-season 5 when the Bishop laid his eyes on the warrior shield-maiden at the battlefield. Awestruck by her beauty and valor, the fierce fighter was knocked on the ground but was eventually rescued by Lagertha.

Lagertha, who was first married to the former 'Vikings' protagonist, Ragnar, has had a series of relationships and affairs and not all ended well for the leading lady. After leaving Ragnar, she was with Sigvard, an abusive husband who was ultimately killed by Lagertha. Her fiance Kalf also had to be killed on the wedding day. Then her woman lover Astrid, who married her arch-enemy, King Harald, was also killed by Lagertha at the battle of Kattegat this season.

Lagertha and Bishop Heahmund (History Channel)
Lagertha and Bishop Heahmund (History Channel)

Then came the warrior Bishop, smitten by Lagertha at first sight as he confesses that she was the woman who he "knew all her life".

He was so swept off his feet, that someone who had to be persuaded to fight alongside Ivar the Boneless, immediately pledged his allegiance to Lagertha and in the first exchange of words itself said that he would die for her. And he did. In the recent episode titled 'Hell', Bishop Heahmund was killed by King Harald's army as arrows fell from the sky and pierced his chest while he screamed out Lagertha's name.

The short-lived love story between Lagertha and Heahmund may not be as groundbreaking as other love stories in the series but the reason why their romance is so noteworthy is because they were a couple who battled all odds. Despite the fact that Lagertha isn't a Christian and that as a bishop, Heahmund has taken a vow of celibacy, he simply cannot help but fall in love with Lagertha. And to be quite fair, she can't help it too.


The two of them looked out for each other and he also offered Lagertha and her Viking clan a refuge in England. Even though his visions of hell and dying led him to renounce his love for Lagertha in order to cleanse his soul of sin, his last words when dying in the battlefield was his love for Lagertha.

The show's creator, Michael Hirst, says of the ending that though Heahmund "damns himself in the end. That was rather nice for me because it reminds us that love is the most important thing."

Ever for Lagertha, the moment had a profound impact as Katheryn Winnick, who plays Lagertha shared in her latest interview that when Heahmund called out her name in his last breath, her conflict of should she trust him or not was laid to rest, but not without guilt. She had to witness another death of another lover, and currently, Lagertha has disappeared.

Heahmund came at a time in Lagertha's life when she had no one. When the world was suspecting her dwindling power, Heahmund came to listen to her and offer himself entirely to her.

Before part 2 of the season aired, Hirst teased that Heahmund was "going to suffer for this, not least he's going to punish himself. But that's a storyline that's going to have quite an extraordinary payoff."

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