'Vikings': The gods may decide who rules Kattegat but here's what you need to know about Ragnar's hometown

As the civil war for the conquerer and conquest of Kattegat continues, here's what you need to know about the village that historically, did not exist

                            'Vikings': The gods may decide who rules Kattegat but here's what you need to know about Ragnar's hometown

In the almost 70 episodes that have aired so far, we have seen that the kingdom of Kattegat has been integral to 'Vikings.' Now that the civil war is raging between the brothers, Bjorn Ironside and Hvitserk against Ivar the Boneless, all of who think the port village belongs to them, the question arises as to who is the rightful heir of Kattegat?

Ivar the Boneless currently rules Kattegat like a "tyrant," as his brother Hvitserk tells King Olaf. Bjorn Ironside is determined to get Kattegat back from his stepbrother and thinks that he is the real ruler since he is Ragnar Lothbrok's first son with his first wife, Lagertha, who was also the former queen of Kattegat. 



Majority of the fans also believe that Bjorn is the true ruler of the port kingdom.






But that does not mean Ivar does not have supporters.




Ivar's belief is that, because his beloved mother Aslaug was killed by Lagertha when she was ruling Kattegat, it is his vengeance and right to now rule the kingdom of his dead father and mother.

The rest of Ragnar's sons haven't volunteered to rule, but Ubbe is homebound after emerging victorious in his grueling one-on-one combat with the Danish king. Hvitserk has joined forces with his Bjorn, but he may not have the intention to rule. Well, we will see about that. A set of fans believe that these two brothers would make good kings as opposed to two brothers' fighting for the throne. But because it was Ubbe, who realized his father's dreams of peaceful coexistence of the Norsemen and the Saxons, he surely deserves the title as Ragnar's son and the true heir to Kattegat




Lagertha's fans are also rooting for her to return to her crown, but given her recent spiritual awakening, that is highly unlikely. The fate of Kattegat rests on the season's finale slated to release on January 30.

Now, let us look to the importance of Kattegat and why it is almost synonymous to the History Channel's flagship show.

In season one itself, it was established that Kattegat is a major trading port, the heart and home to the raiding Vikings, and so many earls and kings wanted ownership of the land. When Ragnar became the king, his Frankish campaigns made Kattegat an even important center in Norway. However, historically, there is no evidence of an actual village named Kattegat. 

The place was conjured for the show which actually revolves around real historical characters since Ragnar, Ivar, Bjorn and King Alfred, all existed. Ironic as it may be, the place is still significant to these characters since the place referred to as 'Kattegat' in the show is associated with a narrow bay in southern Scandinavia between Denmark's Jutland peninsula on the west, islands in the Danish Straits on the south, and Sweden to the east. And the Baltic Sea to the Skagerrak, which connects to the North Sea is called Kattegat Bay by the locals. This route was the only way to get in and out of the Baltic region by sea and held major importance for the entire Baltic and Scandinavian area until 1784 when the Elder Canal was built. Until this day, the fjord is important to port cities such as Gothenburg, Aarhus, Aalborg, Halmstad, and Frederikshavn as many rely on this sea passage to trade across the Baltic Sea.

Even if Kattegat did not exist, its importance is well portrayed for the seafarers who ventured east and west, to raid and loot. The 'Vikings' version of Kattegat was, however, filmed in Wicklow County, Dublin, Ireland. So historically there isn't any answer as to who Kattegat should belong to, but let's wait for the finale to answer that, even though we all have our favorites.