'Vikings': Could the boat builder Floki be the next Seer?

In season one, baby Bjorn asks Ragnar if Floki is like the god Loki. In season 4 the Seer licks Floki's hand instead of the other way around.

                            'Vikings': Could the boat builder Floki be the next Seer?

Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) ruthlessly murdered the one character who had, all along, been untouchable - The Seer (John Kavanagh). As shocking as his death may be, the departure of the Seer in season 5B leaves room for a successor. Given that the Seer has no children, unlike Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) whose death set the stage for his sons, the Seer's death leaves a vacuum.

However, that void of a god-like figure may only be temporary since fans believe Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) is the next Seer. Floki may not look like the black-lipped and skin-for-an-eye soothsayer, but he's very much the chosen one. Recall season 4 episode 4 when Floki visits the Seer. The Seer immediately tells him he's been waiting for him a long, long time.

"What do you mean, waited a long time?" Floki asks, to which the Seer promptly replies, "Hundreds of years, while I lay in the wet ground. Waiting in the space between life and death." Floki who is as confused as the viewers asks, "Waiting?" The Seer who knows everything, replies, "You know exactly what I mean. Don't play games. I have waited and I understand. Show me that you understand. Show me who you are."

Then things take a strange turn as the Seer licks Floki's hand instead of the other way around. It was then that fans started speculating Floki is the Seer's successor. A few episodes later, another supernaturally linked incident involving Floki takes place when Aslaug is having sex with Harbard, the god, and Floki experiences it all.

A clear understanding of this confusing scene is that Harbard, the god, is Floki. Harbard is controversially the god Loki, whose name anyway rhymes with Floki and baby Bjorn (Nathan O'Toole) asks Ragnar if Floki is "like the god Loki?" in season 1.

However, season 4 was a landmark season as the protagonist of 'Vikings' dies. Ragnar's death was predicted by the Seer as the day that the "blind man" sees him. And eventually, Floki did see Ragnar lying in a pit full of snakes. That was the point when fans pointed out that the Seer had referred to Floki as the "blind man" who was just awakening to his powers.

Moving on to season 5, Floki lands in Asgard, the land of the gods. He even sees the gods, and though right now, his Icelandic adventures have been nothing but adversity, Floki is still closer to the gods than any other living Viking. The Seer's death comes at a time when Floki is in search of his own divine calling as he fails to understand why gods showed him Asgard, only to snatch it back from him and make a fool of him in front of the people of Kattegat, who followed him to the land in search of a good life.

Meanwhile in Kattegat, Ivar the Boneless has declared himself a god, but, of course, he is not, the Seer sees that, tells him that, and the Oracle pays a heavy price for telling the truth. An ax is thrown right on his forehead.  

But for the humble boat-builder on a difficult journey, where he's fraught with self-doubt, desperation seems to be the last stage in attaining enlightenment. Feeling far away from the gods, now more than ever, while being closer to the gods, now more than ever, could just be their way of preparing Floki to take on the role of the Seer, who is meant to bridge the gap between the earthly and the gods.

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