Viral video shows friends taking DEAD friend from grave for one final motorbike ride

Viral video shows friends taking DEAD friend from grave for one final motorbike ride
Friends take a deceased friend from his grave for one final frightening motorbike ride in Ecuador (Photo by Milne News/YouTube)

Friends took their deceased friend from his grave for one final, frightening motorbike ride. Erick Cedeno's friends claim to have gotten his parents' consent to exhume the 21-year-old's body and take him on "one more" motorcycle journey before saying their goodbyes "as they should." Erick Cedeno's friends claimed that his parents had granted them permission to take him out of his casket and execute the bizarre ritual during his Ecuadorian burial.

In the video, seven men encircle a motorbike as the lifeless body is placed in the passenger seat, according to reports by Dailymail. The video shared by Dailymail reveals clearly how the body drops over the back of the driver. His friends can be heard applauding and swinging their arms in joy.



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Another man was seen tightly gripping the corpse in place before the motorbike rode off. The guys stated they wanted to pay honour to their friend and say their goodbyes "as they should" with this bike voyage. They even sprayed alcoholic beverages over the coffin. The body was hanging out with its arms and legs unrestrained, as the crowd cheered. Another friend or family of the dead sat with him inside his coffin, grieving his passing.

The incident occurred in Portoviejo's El Florón neighbourhood, an overcrowded residential area with 36 thousand underprivileged residents. The young people took the body out of the casket, which was clad in black slacks and a white shirt, between shoves. Others also seemed to mistreat the deceased's body is various way. Following that, they placed it onto the motorcycle in order to take it along the street.

Last Saturday, the 21-year-old had been shot and killed while on his way to a loved one's funeral. "This is the first time this has happened in the city," police said, adding that the activity was "strange and harmful." None of the persons who removed the body from the grave have been captured by authorities. There has been no investigation into the occurrence since funerals are considered private affairs. No complaints have been made since the weird bike ride, which occurred last weekend on November 29 in Ecuador's Portoviejo area.

In various parts of the globe, digging up the dead is a typical practice that is a form of remembrance or care for the deceased by relatives and friends. Families of Toraja, in the highlands of South Sulawesi, exhume the remains of their departed relatives and friends once a year to reconcile with them at the Ma'nene festival. The remains of newborns and children are reportedly also dug up to memorialise the three-day festival. Families uncover the coffins and let the bodies dry before bathing, grooming, and adorning the mummies in new exquisite clothing and taking them on a tour through the hamlet.


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 Viral video friends carry deceased friend from his grave for one last motorbike ride