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Black student erases ‘all lives matter’ written by teacher on class whiteboard in viral video

The video has now amassed 4.7K upvotes and 1.3K comments on Reddit and has gone viral on other social media sites as well 
The substitute teacher eventually asked the student to leave
(Reddit/ u/The-Brixon)
The substitute teacher eventually asked the student to leave (Reddit/ u/The-Brixon)

A video posted to the subReddit Public Freakout is going viral on social media. It shows how a substitute teacher gets into an argument with an African American student over Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter. Posted on the sub four days ago, the video has now amassed 4.7K upvotes and 1.3K comments and has gone viral on other social media sites as well. 

An unidentified substitute teacher got into an argument with an African American student who erased 'All Lives Matter' she had written on the whiteboard before walking out of class. The user who posted it also shared the context behind the video, "For context: Actual teacher has a Black Lives Matter sign in their classroom. A substitute took down the sign, then wrote 'All Lives Matter' on the whiteboard. In the end, the student erased it and the substitute got even more upset. Many social media users have called out the teacher for erasing the 'Black Lives Matter' and then even getting into an argument with the student.


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The video begins with the Black student mid-sentence, commenting on what the substitute has written on the board.

“Oh, ‘white lives matter’; nothing has happened to them, nothing bad has happened to them,” the Black student told the teacher. 

“Nothing bad has happened to a white person, ever?” the teacher asked back before sharing some very inaccurate things about slavery. “We’re not talking about that. I’m just saying straight up - were you a slave?” the student asked the White teacher.

“Who sold who into slavery?” the substitute asks the student. “Did you know African-Americans sold African-Americans into slavery?”

“So I’d encourage you to check with your history and get that all straightened out,” the teacher continues. “So you can learn history and how it truly unfolded. ‘Cause, that is true history.”

Following a short back and forth, the Black student got up and walked out of the classroom. But after a cut in the video, the student seems to have returned and can be seen erasing the 'all lives matter’ message from the whiteboard.

This is what upsets the substitute teacher further, who demands the student go to the office.

There is no surprise that the All Lives Matter narrative is damaging, especially after it has been statistically proven that Black people are disproportionately targeted by the American system. According to a study by Harvard, "Black people are more than three times as likely as white people to be killed during a police encounter."

On social media, people are calling the teacher out. "Holy shit the fragility," one wrote

Another user, who wrote that they were a teacher, narrated the sordid future that the substitute has in store. "I'm a teacher and subs messing with my shit pisses me off so much. It's not your classroom. Stop trying to impose your random rules onto my students and stop reorganizing or messing with my shit. There's a "do not return" list on most sub request forms and this sub definitely guaranteed she'll never be invited back into that teacher's class or any teacher who works with that teacher and agrees with BLM."

Along similar lines, another said, "Fire that woman immediately. How toxic."

People also praised the children. "Good kids I'm proud," one wrote. Another, agreeing, said, "Yup. I'm impressed that they made a stand based on principle."