NYPD slammed for throwing out boy, 5, and his mom from restaurant over vaccine proof

'NYPD terrorize child & mother, kick them out of Applebees over the vaccine. This is insane,' one slammed the cops

                            NYPD slammed for throwing out boy, 5, and his mom from restaurant over vaccine proof
The boy was seen weeping as NYPD cops demand to see vaccination papers (Twitter)

A video of a child crying after he and his mother were thrown out of a restaurant has gone viral on the internet. The unidentified five-year-old boy and his mother were reportedly approached by an NYPD cop for a Covid-19 vaccine certificate. However, when they failed to show any vaccine certification, they were asked to leave the premises.

In the video, a person can be heard telling the officer, “Scaring a child. Traumatizing a child. Hope you feel good about yourself NYPD. This is disgusting. This is gross. Disgraceful. You failed yourself, NYPD, you failed yourself.”


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The clip went to show the mother and the kid leaving the premises as other restaurant-goers slam the cops. Another officer told them that “unless you have [COVID-19] vaccination cards, you have to exit the restaurant,” before adding: “If you leave voluntarily you will not have charges pressed against you. Otherwise, you will be arrested for trespass. This will be your only warning.”

The date of the incident is not known yet. It is also not clear where it exactly happened, but the video seems to be shot inside an Applebee's in the Queens Center Mall, where a protest took place in mid-December against the city’s coronavirus vaccine directive. A spokesperson for NYPD did not give information about that particular incident, but they spoke about the protest.

“Upon arrival, officers were informed by the manager that individuals entered, refused to prove vaccination status in compliance with NYS Mandate and requested for the individuals to be removed from the location,” the spokesperson said, who also added that four people were arrested and charged with criminal trespass that day.

Meanwhile, many reacted angrily to the video. A user tweeted, “Crime in NYC is rampant. Criminals roaming wild in the streets, out same day after crimes. Meanwhile, NYPD terrorize child & mother, kick them out of Applebees over the vaccine. This is insane!” The second user wrote, “NYPD traumatizing a child over vax papers!  Really?” “@NYPD congats to your policemen they do a so great job and are so helpful to have arreste a child of 5y old!! #Shameless for being at the service of the population. That's your new role now in the #NWO fear the population and let the real bandit #politics live free,” the third user added.






A person commented, “NYPD surrounding a 5 year old child in a restaurant and removing him because he wasn't vaccinated. Welcome to the new Nazi regime.” American columnist Benny Johnson said, “Evil. Gestapo. KGB. NYPD Attacking a 5 year old eating pizza? Take off your badges, oath breakers. New York City is a failed state.”








A tweet read, “And child abuse! Kicking children out of NYC restaurants isn’t my idea of NYPD crime-fighting. Doubtful that traumatized little boy will ever respect a cop or want to grow up and be one. Democrat controlled NYC is a disgrace to America and doesn’t represent who we are!”

“Enforcing a vax passport in a child and traumatizing them in the process??! WTF! After seeing this #NYPD is starting to lose my support. This nonsense cannot continue. The police are turning into #ordertakers without a heart or soul,” another furious tweet stated.

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