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'Gave me chills': Video of 'spirits' uttering Bryan Kohberger's name month before arrest spooks Internet

In the eerie video posted on December 5, the paranormal investigator claims he is talking to spirits who have inside knowledge of the murders
A December 4 video of a paranormal investigator claiming to talk to spirits about the Idaho murders is resurfacing online (kayleegoncalves/Instagram, Mekcee/YouTbue screenshot)
A December 4 video of a paranormal investigator claiming to talk to spirits about the Idaho murders is resurfacing online (kayleegoncalves/Instagram, Mekcee/YouTbue screenshot)

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MOSCOW, IDAHO: Three weeks after Bryan Kohberger's arrest in the Idaho murders, a month-old video of a paranormal investigator who claims he can talk to spirits aware of the crime is resurfacing. Some netizens believe they heard the name "Bryan" in the video that was posted on December 4. However, the "spirits" in the YouTuber's video speak with distorted voices and it is difficult to confirm the accuracy of what is being heard. 

Bryan Kohberger, a 28-year-old criminology student, was arrested on December 30 in connection with the murders. The alleged killer has been charged with the brutal murders of four students - Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Madison Mogen, 21, and Kaylee Goncalves, 21. Kohberger's next court appearance has been scheduled for June 26.


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In the video, streamed on the YouTube channel Mekcee's Paranormal True Crime, the host claims to be contacting spirits who are aware of the Idaho quadruple murders, including those of the victims. The names "Kaylee", "Ethan", and "Xana" can be heard in an eerie whispering voice on several occasions. Kaylee's name is repeated the most, and at one point what appears to be the name of her dog, Murphy, can also be heard.   

Through the course of the video, the host poses several questions to the "spirits", asking them if they could "tell us who entered the house at 1122 King Road" and whether it was a male or a female. As the video progresses, the host claims that he heard the word "dog" and asks, "Can you tell us the name of the dog?" He receives a response in the form of a heavily distorted eery whisper, pronouncing something that sounds like, "That's my Murphy." Since being posted online, the video has been viewed over 134,000 times and has garnered over 4,000 likes. 


The video has over 1,500 comments, with most describing it as creepy, scary, and frightening. "At 16:53 Mekcee asked “where can they find the killer now?” the reply was “Michael”. That is Bryan’s dad’s name. That’s where they found him. Creepy," wrote one user, while another commented, "I don't normally feel frightened by these things. But this one is hitting me in ways i didnt think were possible. It's even more scarier that they were my age." A third wrote, "Listening to the entire session gave me absolute chills. It sounds like the spirits are stuck in limbo reliving their final moments/conversations. With one of the spirits saying “look up”, could there be an attic that the killer could’ve hid in before everyone got home that night? I hope the victims families get justice they deserve."

As the Idaho murder investigation continues, the video resurfaced on a Reddit sub dedicated to discussing Bryan Kohberger. "This video amazed me. So much that was later revealed came to light! It was made over one month ago!" Redditor TrainWreckTv posted. In a separate thread, the user posted a link to the video with the caption, "These are the findings from that video I was telling you about." Several netizens have claimed that they hear the word "Bryan" a little after 13 minutes into the video. In a pinned comment on YouTube, the creator informed that the claim will be reviewed later.

"This video is creepy and this person actually took Bryan's name and it streamed on December 5...That's before Bryan's arrest. I don't believe in these stupid paranormal videos but this one kinda gave me chills," wrote one user. Other users, however, opined that they found the video "silly". "This is … insulting to the victims and their families. And very silly," wrote one, while another commented, "This is… silly."





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