Outrage as video of toddler leading bare-breasted drag queen at R House Wynwood bar goes viral

Outrage as video of toddler leading bare-breasted drag queen at R House Wynwood bar goes viral
The drag queen who appeared to be transgender could be seen strutting and walking along with a little girl (Video screenshot @TheLaurenChen/Twitter)

MIAMI, FLORIDA: A video of a toddler walking hand-in-hand with a drag queen during an event at a Florida bar has caused huge outrage among social media users. In the 16-second video, a two to a 4-year-old girl could be seen walking along with a big-breasted drag queen during an event at R House Wynwood bar in Miami, Florida. The drag queen who appeared to be transgender could be seen strutting with her nipples covered in pasties while their panties were stuffed with dollar bills.

In the video, she parades around Wynwood’s R House holding the little girl's hand. It is not clear when the clip was shot and who shot the video. However, the video first surfaced on TikTok with the caption, “Drag show kids!!!! Children deserve fun, self-expression, and freedom.” However, after receiving huge backlash, the TikTok user made their account private. The video was soon shared by Christian conservative pundit Lauren Chen on Twitter, who angrily tweeted: “These people belong in jail. It’s a hill I’m ready to die on.”


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“Endorsing total debauchery to make your own degeneracy look tame in comparison – we know the place where it happened… Is anyone going to do anything about it???” she asked on Twitter.


Many users agreed with Chen and criticized the drag queen and the parents who allow their kids to such events. "We really need to protect our children more," a Twitter user wrote. Another wrote, "Why do they want kids involved at all? What does this accomplish other than temporarily satiating some perversion?" One user wrote, "I agree it’s inappropriate. I teach my kids acceptance & love without the nudity. But also taking young children to Hooters is inappropriate. Just as posing children with guns for holiday cards is inappropriate. Just as forcing a child to give birth to a baby is inappropriate."

"Same!!! I am with you on this one. As an adult who spent years and years becoming a counsellor after years of horrible life experiences. THIS MUST STOP!!!", one user wrote.









Chen has written several times in the past about her disdain for drag queen events where children are allowed. "Drag Queen "family" events are not designed to foster acceptance among children. They're specifically meant as a venue for progressive parents to virtue signal how woke they are by exposing their kids to the most depraved parts of leftist ideology. You can't change my mind," she wrote earlier.


Last month, on June 8, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ordered Child Protective Services to investigate parents who take their children to drag shows. DeSantis' remarks came after the viral videos of the Dallas' 'Drag Your Kids to Pride' event sparked outrage among the conservatives and the right-wing. In the videos drag performers danced and walked down the aisle in the center of the room and could be seen taking money from children. The “Drag the kids to pride” event happened on June 4. Shortly after the drag show, protesters were gathered outside the venue where the event happened.


During a news conference on June 8, DeSantis said, "There’s a concerted effort to be exposing kids more and more to things that are not age-appropriate. That is totally inappropriate. That is not something children should be exposed to."

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