Video shows gunman shooting victim FOUR TIMES at NYC hospital, forcing ER into lockdown

The victim was seen running around the waiting area looking for a place to hide but the gunman shot him and fled the scene

                            Video shows gunman shooting victim FOUR TIMES at NYC hospital, forcing ER into lockdown
Surveillance footage shows a gunman, wearing all black, brandishing his weapon at the victim (Jacobi Hospital/NYPD)

Authorities revealed that a man whipped out a gun and shot a patient at a New York emergency room on Tuesday afternoon, January 25, forcing the hospital to go into lockdown following the incident that was caught on camera.

Surveillance video obtained showed the gunman, wearing all black, brandishing his weapon as he ran from the Jacobi Hospital ER's front desk to the waiting area and aiming it at his male target. The victim, who was reportedly there to be treated for a previous injury, was seen in the clip running around the waiting area looking for a place to hide as the gunman shot him and fled the scene. 


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Police sources told The Post how the suspect was at the Bronx hospital around 12.30 pm looking for a "friend" who was arrested and being treated there when he became embroiled in a verbal altercation with the victim, who was standing in the waiting area. “Looks and words were exchanged," an NYPD spokesman said outside the scene. “It looks like he just takes [his gun] out and starts shooting,” the spokesman added.



According to the report, the suspect, who is yet to be identified, shot the 35-year-old victim four times, hitting him in the forearm. The victim, who also cannot be named for legal reasons, is expected to recover. Sources said he had also survived a shooting last year. New York City Mayor Eric Adams said that he would be visiting the victim at the hospital later on Monday. “This was a reprehensible act, one made even worse by the fact that it happened in a place where New Yorkers go for safety and to heal,” Adams wrote on Twitter.



Several patients were at the hospital awaiting medical attention when the shots were fired. NYC Health + Hospitals -- which is tasked with operating Jacobi along with the city's other hospitals and clinics -- noted how its staff “swiftly took care of the victim and took actions to protect other patients in the waiting room." The organization said in a statement, “Our immediate focus is on caring for the patient and ensuring the safety of our staff. We are working closely with @NYPDnews as they conduct their investigation."

Speaking to The Post, Derek Jackson of Teamsters Local 237 which represents hospital police in New York City, said that the hospital has been plagued with violent incidents in recent months. “Today was the fourth gun incident in 14 months,” he told the newspaper, adding that “it was scary, frightening”. Jackson said he was at Jacobi on Tuesday to train 28 new officers. “They got a crash course today with this shooter," he said. “The officers here are all unarmed. No guns, no vests," he added.

A radiology worker at the hospital called on officials to install metal detectors following the "scary" episode. “It’s just horrible lately. We should have a metal detector,” said the woman on condition of anonymity. “I don’t know if this is scarier than Covid, or if Covid was scarier than this.” Meanwhile, hospital parking manager Kevin Jacobs, 34, called the shooting "crazy". He told The Post, "This is where people get help. It’s The Bronx – that’s all I can say. It’s crazy." He added, “It’s The Bronx, you can’t really do anything. This is what happens in The Bronx.”