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Victoria Beckham says 'it's unfair' she's being slammed for furloughing staff, claims everyone else is doing it

The millionaire with a reported family wealth of $444 million is being slammed for issuing letters to her employees, informing them of the 80 percent salary cut along with furlough
UPDATED APR 22, 2020
Victoria Beckham (Getty Images)
Victoria Beckham (Getty Images)

Amid the coronavirus pandemic and its evident effect on the economy, Victoria Beckham was one of the many companies and businesses putting their staff on furlough. However, the 46-year-old former Spice Girl turned fashion label icon isn't happy with the kind of backlash she received after the news broke out. The millionaire with a reported family wealth of $444 million (£335 million) believed it's 'unfair' that she's being 'slammed' for something she's not the only one doing.

The job retention scheme offered to businesses amidst the pandemic crisis, all with the motive to help prevent loss of jobs as the economy plummets will still see Beckham claim tens of thousands of taxpayer money if the relief grant is agreed to by the government. While the furloughed staff will remain employed, about 80 percent of their wages will be claimed back from the government - something that could amount to ($2,716.35 ) £2,500 per month per employee.

"Victoria's telling friends that despite her birthday, it's been the 'worst week'," reported an insider to The Sun. "She doesn't think it's fair she's getting slammed for something a lot of companies and businesses are doing. She thinks it's unfair and had no idea the backlash would be this bad."

Victoria Beckham, recipient of the 2018 Fashion Icon Award, poses in the press room at the People's Choice Awards 2018 at Barker Hangar on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. (Getty Images)

One of the first bouts of flashback had come to Piers Morgan himself when the 'Good Morning Britain' host said Posh Spice should re-consider using the government bail-out scheme.  Morgan called Beckham a “pampered prima donna millionairess” who shouldn’t be using taxpayer money to bail-out a “failing vanity project”. Equally outspoken about football clubs refusing to go alone after calling off matches, Morgan responded to a Grazia video of Beckham introducing Elton John for #TogetherAtHome on social media, calling her out on the move. "Sorry, but this makes me puke," he tweeted. If you care this much about the NHS, @victoriabeckham - then why are you taking taxpayer money the NHS desperately needs - and you DON’T need - to furlough your staff & prop up your failing business?" 

Following his backlash, social media was left divided as some agreed with him while others insisted Beckham has all the rights to furlough, should she want to. Having noted her fashion brand struggling in recent years, Beckham issued letters to her staff, informing them of the 80 percent salary cut in line with furlough procedures. Things have come to the point where she herself is believed to not be drawing her own salary, while her senior executive and chief marketing officer recently quit.

Beckham's flagship store in Hong Kong also faces closure as staff are believed to being furloughed for two months “so far”. The Mirror reports, a spokesperson for Beckham said: "We are working hard to ensure our much-valued Victoria Beckham team are protected during this unsettled time by keeping our business healthy. Having carefully assessed all our options, we made the decision to furlough a proportion of staff on an enhanced package."

She is, not the only millionaire to furlough employees either. Billionaire Richard Branson has asked the British government for a bailout as well though he hasn’t paid tax in the country for 14 years.