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Victon ‘Chronograph’: First music video from boy group to record 10 million views

With their third single album, Victon marked a career-high as the music video for the single surpassed 10 million views in 3 days
The six-member group shocks fans by recording 10 million YouTube views with 'Chronograph' for the first time in their career (@victon1109/Instagram)
The six-member group shocks fans by recording 10 million YouTube views with 'Chronograph' for the first time in their career (@victon1109/Instagram)

As the popularity of K-pop keeps increasing in recent times, K-pop group Victon, managed by label IST Entertainment, announced the news of a new career-high record achieved by the group. On January 21, it was announced that boy group Victon had recorded a total of more than 10 million views on the video of their latest single ‘Chronograph’ that was released on January 18.

This is the first time that Victon has recorded having reached a whopping 10 million music video views within three days of its release. The single album was released with the title track ‘Chronograph’ as well as a b-side track in the form of the English version of ‘Chronograph’. This also marks the group's first-ever all-English single.

Not only that, but with this single, ‘Chronograph’, the boy group Victon also entered the top spot on Melon's latest chart and Bugs real-time chart right after its release. ‘Chronograph’ from Victon also entered the iTunes Top Song Charts ‘Top 10’ in multiple Asian regions like Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.


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Victon ‘Chronograph’ surpasses 10 million views

The music video from Victon for their latest comeback single, ‘Chronograph’ was released on January 18 and now, three days after its release, the group has recorded a total of 11,657,855 views and counting. This proves that Victon is now on the global radar suggesting the keen interest of global K-pop fans in the activities of the IST Entertainment group. This is a great jump from the group's previously released five-year anniversary single 'Sweet Travel’ that was released in November last year and has recorded a total of 4 million-plus views so far.

With ‘Chronograph’ Victon once again broke its own record and recorded a career high music video view count. The music video for ‘Chronograph’ was directed by ETUI Kim Woo-je, who worked with other popular K-pop artists such as NCT 127, Seventeen, and Red Velvet in the past. The unique narrative style of the music video as well as the sensuous visual beauty of the six members of Victon could be the reason for this new growth.

Victon's new song ‘Chronograph’ is a compound word made from the Greek words ‘Chrono’ which means time, and ‘graphein’ which means to write. The word literally translates to ‘recorder of time’. The song is a pop dance song with lyrics that say, ‘I keep running to record all my time as you’, giving passionate meaning to the single.


Fans of the group congratulated them for such a career-high move as they posted messages for the members on Twitter. One Alice (Victon Fans) said, "You guys deserved it!!" Another fan said, "Happy 10 Million everyone :D". One more fan said, "As they should!! Well done everyone~ Let's work hard for the streaming activities till the end!!!"

One fan said, "We got 10 million for #Chronograph yay." Another fan said, "Victon Chronograph reached 10 Million views on YouTube in just 2 days. The power that this Kings hold." One more fan exclaimed, "CHRONOGRAPH 10 MILLION VIEWS."