'Veronica Mars' season 4: LoVe love story, dark Neptune and everything else we are looking forward to in the Hulu series

'Veronica Mars' season 4: LoVe love story, dark Neptune and everything else we are looking forward to in the Hulu series

Marshmallows world over have been waiting for one date for so long – July 26, 2019. The day Hulu finally releases the much-awaited reboot of ‘Veronica Mars.’ It is being released as ‘Veronica Mars’ season 2 and has a lot of expectations to live up to – which we know they will.

Even as we wait out nearly two months left until the premiere of ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4, here is a look at everything that we are looking forward to:

LoVe love story

We are not stupid, we realize that 15 years is a long time for a couple to be together, especially in the world of TV. However, we have high hopes for our OG one true pair. Veronica (Kristen Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring) made for the perfect on-again, off-again couple, whose journey from hatred to love is pretty inspirational.

Despite their rocky journey, Logan and Veronica have found their way back to each other, and we believe the last 15 years have had the same effect on them. That being said, we wouldn’t be mad if the season started off with things being a little rocky between the two only to reconcile by the season finale.


Dark Neptune

"Veronica Mars' has never shied away from saying a difficult story or addressing a heavy topic - be it about rape or stalking - but when Bell says the new season is going to be dark... Darker than what the viewers are used to, we believe her. “It’s gonna be a much darker world, it’s going to be a bigger world, it’s definitely not what we did on UPN or The CW, so I want to brace fans for that, that it’s going to be darker and bigger and more cinematic, a little bit different,” she has revealed during a Siruis XM interview. 

The return of Dick Casablancas

Described best as an endearing douchebag, Dick Casablancas is the unlikely star of ‘Veronica Mars’ that we all fell in love with. The showrunners have only planned on hiring Ryan Hansen for a one-line role but fell in love with him enough to keep him around, and even got him to evolve from one of the evil characters to a beloved one.


Over the years since the cancellation of the cult series, Hansen has reprised this role in the YouTube Red series ‘Ryan Hansen Solves Crime on Television’ and the CW Seed spin-off, ‘Play it Again, Dick,’ in which he played a fictionalized version of himself trying to convince his co-stars to join in on a ‘Veronica Mars’ spin-off where Dick is the central character.

One of the most appealing things about ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4 is that Hansen is returning as the beloved Dick.

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