'Veronica Mars' season 4 promises perfection but Marshmallows have some demands

There are some concerns that the fans have about what is to come in 'Veronica Mars' season 4, and they have been pretty vocal about it.

                            'Veronica Mars' season 4 promises perfection but Marshmallows have some demands

We Marshmallows are a simple bunch. We see that our beloved Veronica Mars is back for another round of taking down the bad guys. The latest trailer for the upcoming reboot premiering July 26, 2019, was released recently, and it promises yet another season of perfection.

There is quite a bit to look forward to, if you were an OG 'Veronica Mars' fan, especially since all of our favorite characters are returning for the Hulu venture. But if we were to digress a little, we could take a second to marvel at how Kristen Bell is truly ageless. It's almost impossible that she is more than four years older than when season 3 wrapped 13 years ago.

Getting back to the show, there are some concerns that the fans have about what is to come, and they have been pretty vocal about it. One of the major requests/demands that Marshmallows have in common is that “LoVe” better not be broken up.

Sure relationships can turn sour over the years, couples can drift apart, but it better not be the case with Veronica (Bell) and Logan (Jason Dohring). That being said, it does seem like there is trouble in paradise for these two, based on certain statements in the trailer. At one point “What’s the destructive gene in your relationship?” a new character played Kirby Howell-Baptiste asks Veronica, to which she replies, “I think it might be me.”


While their relationship status is obviously still kept hidden, we do know that they are in each other’s lives in some capacity, mostly thanks to the many cuddle shots of the duo together. During a promotional event for the show, Dohring also said this regarding his character: “She’s in a different place than she was, and he’s sort of the balance to what she’s going through.”

We get that romantic tensions are a must to keep the interest alive, but if LoVe is to be destroyed many Marshmallows are going to be really upset.

Another demand that has been overwhelmingly seen online for the new reboot is a significant storyline for Weevil (Francis Capra), who we had assumed has gone clean since his marriage and parenthood. Turns out he may not be as squeaky clean as we had assumed and may even have a part in whatever is going on in Neptune. While this promises a meaty story arc for him in ‘Veronica Mars’ season 4, we did not see much of him in the trailer, which is what has the fans concerned.

However, the ‘Veronica Mars’ team has not been one to disappoint their fans, so we probably have nothing to worry about. Don’t forget to catch up on all the previous episodes of ‘Veronica Mars’ before bingeing on season 4 when it comes to Hulu on July 26, 2019.

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