'Veronica Mars' season 4: Kristen Bell loved star Paul Karmiryan's dance performance so much she recorded it

'Veronica Mars' season 4: Kristen Bell loved star Paul Karmiryan's dance performance so much she recorded it

After becoming a cult classic with just three seasons, teen noir mystery drama ‘Veronica Mars’ is coming to Hulu with season 4 July 26. Serving as a continuation to the TV series which ended – or hit a long pause - in 2007, the show is testament to a fan base that calls themselves Marshmallows, who had even crowdfunded a ‘Veronica Mars’ movie in 2014.

While Kristen Bell, who plays the titular Mars, warned the OG Marshmallows the new season will be much darker than they are used to, in essence, it will still be a detective show, promised a star from season 4, Paul Karmiryan. The actor, possibly best known for his performances on ‘So You Think You Can Dance,’ will portray Alex Maloof, who appears in six of the eight episodes this season.

Karmiryan, who is very cautious about not revealing any more than he is supposed to, told MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) his character is “tied to my brother who is a congressman and just like you know, the show is very investigative and a lot of things happen where stuff goes down and they go and find out what happened and it’s kind of those things, where I’m part of that network.”



Self-admittedly, Karmiryan was not a Marshmallow by any means, and in fact, did not even know what the show was about. “I just auditioned for it and then I found out that I got it,” he revealed, adding how his manager was the one to tell him how big a deal it is.

“When I started getting more and more into it, I realized that fans funded this show. They wanted it to come back with kick-starters, and it is such a fan-driven show that Hulu had to bring it back,” he gushed, adding now he finally gets why.



Landing the role also led the dancer/actor to believe that “if you’re right for a role you’re right for a role, and if you’re not, you’re not.” He revealed how he was just brought in for two episodes and is now in six of the eight episodes.

Karmiryan also spoke about his various scenes with Bell, with whom he has interacted before, thanks to his dancing past. “It’s how the dance and acting, they just go full circle,” he said, elaborating, “I had done this performance for Lin Manuel and [the] Dick Van Dyke tribute show, and it was a very intimate situation like Jim Carry, and Kristen, they were all performing. Backstage, I had, after my performance – we had the opening show – I had met Kristen.”

He said when they met later, she recalled that performance and said, “Oh my God. I loved that performance. I was emotional from that performance, and she’s like ‘I recorded the whole thing.’” They sat together and watched the recording together, Karmiryan said, recollecting the wholesome, full circle moment.


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