Venom second trailer: A fang-packed teaser delivering on all the action

Director Ruben Fleischer's himself had claimed that this film would be much darker than most superhero films released until now, and this trailer delivers on just those words.

                            Venom second trailer: A fang-packed teaser delivering on all the action

One of the biggest raves this year has been the Spider-Man spin-off 'Venom', and finally, the new trailer for the upcoming film is here - showing Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock. Hardy plays the role of a reporter who is taken over by an evil alien and while the previous trailer offered just a glimpse into his story, this one elaborates on it and doesn't disappoint. There is ample coverage of Brock going full ballistic under the alien symbiote's control over him, causing spectacular cinematic mayhem.

The movie might hit in October, but for all that anticipation packed up on fan's sides, this trailer does live up to the expectations and promised action from director Ruben Fleischer's side too, as he himself had claimed that this film would be much darker than most suprhero films released until now. 

Venom also stars Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, and Woody Harrelson, and it releases on October 5. It also recently featured at this year's SDCC, where fans got the chance to witness exclusive footage from the movie. And what's better? The panel hosted Hardy himself, and he did share some pretty adorable details about taking up the character.

"My son came to me with a specific character that he absolutely fell in love with, and I started to take a look at it myself," he said. "And then, as if by magic, a script appeared on the horizon, which was awesome. Because having had done Dark Knight [Rises] with Chris[topher Nolan], I'd kind of done my superhero bit in some aspects. But when I was presented with the opportunity to play Venom, and that correlated with my son's love for Venom and how cool he was, I got really really excited and decided I really wanted to do it."

Riz Ahmed (L) and Tom Hardy speak onstage at the Sony Pictures' panel during SDCC International 2018 at San Diego Convention Center on July 20, 2018 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)


Venom's new trailer might be a trailer full of fangs, but it definitely isn't the only superhero movie that Sony has in store. It is one among the many based on characters from Marvel's Spider-Man comics that Sony has promised its fans. Others promise movies based on Morbius the Living Vampire, Silver Sable and Black Cat, and Silk.

Also, back in June, it was also reported that Jared Leto has been signed to play the role of Morbius. While the Silver Sable/Black Cat movie, which has currently been titled Silver and Black - was initially scheduled to release in February 2019, schedules removed it earlier this year on the accounts of more work needing to be done on the script. For those not fully aware of the character, Silk is a Korean-American superhero, and that movie based on the character is in "early development."

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