Vanessa Hudgens reveals secret to 6 years of loving relationship with beau Austin Butler

At the premiere of her upcoming film, Vanessa gushed more about her boyfriend's success, instead of talking about just he movie and herself.

                            Vanessa Hudgens reveals secret to 6 years of loving relationship with beau Austin Butler
Vanessa Hudgens (Source:Getty Images)

It's almost like everything Vanessa Hudgens does is out of the world adorable. Right from her mindblowing kick-start with 'High School Musical' to her current relationship with fellow actor, Austin Butler - Vanessa has maintained a squeaky clean track record that just keeps making her fans adore her more and more each day. And now, she has revealed that the real reason she and her beau have been going steady and evolving so greatly as a couple together, is because they always have each other's backs.

The couple attended the premiere of Vanessa's upcoming romantic comedy film, 'Dog Days,' together, and speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she spilled all the juicy - not so unfathomable - secrets of their picture-perfect romance that is in its sixth year.

"We’ll always have each other’s backs, so it’s nice," Vanessa shared, referring to the fact that Austin had decided to attend the premiere of her movie, to be with her in person. But the fact that this aspect of support is very mutual was proven by how Vanessa didn't stick to just talk about herself and her movie; instead, she couldn't stop gushing about her beau and his latest successful feats.

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler attend the premiere of LD Entertainment's 'Dog Days' at Westfield Century City on August 5, 2018 in Century City, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

"I am so stoked for him and the fact that he just did Broadway for the first time ['The Iceman Cometh'], just did a film with Jim Jarmusch," she shared, talking about the horror comedy Austin recently starred in, alongside Adam Driver and Selena Gomez, titled 'The Dead Don’t Die.' "I’m like, I can’t! I’m so proud!" raved Vanessa.

But she is equally thrilled, if not more, about her new venture - 'Dog Day' - as she herself revealed that being a dog lover to the core, shooting the movie was really exciting for her. Which makes total sense because her Instagram is basically a scrapbook of her journey with her pet dog who's called Darla.

And as expected, at the press junket of the movie, she did go into full details about her furry friend, saying: "My dog and I, I feel like we have a very special relationship because when I first met her, she would not even let me touch her, she was a rescue and was abused."

She also added: "She was terrified of everyone and everything, and by loving her, she has opened up and showed me her personality, and has gotten so comfortable and she is now this little cuddle muffin. I cannot imagine my life without her."

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