'Vanderpump Rules' star Brock slammed for spending $25K on ring and ignoring child support

'Vanderpump Rules' fans sided with Lisa and slammed Brock for not making any attempts to fix his relationship with his children

                            'Vanderpump Rules' star Brock slammed for spending $25K on ring and ignoring child support
'Vanderpump Rules' star Brock Davies (Bravo)

'Vanderpump Rules' star Brock Davies and his messy past once again managed to grab everybody's attention during the show's reunion. Scheana Shay's baby daddy/ fiance's strained relationship with his two children back home in Australia and the mother of his children has been the subject of intense gossip and discussion for much of the show's Season 9. The newbie explained to his co-stars that Scheana was well aware of his past and felt that it shouldn't matter to anybody other than Scheana.

The subject of Brock's past and finances once again popped up during the reunion, when the cast was discussing Scheana's engagement ring. Brock revealed that he spent $25,000 on the ring and charged it on three of his credit cards to pay for the ring. Both Brock and Scheana appeared to be very proud of it, until Lisa Vanderpump stepped in and burst their bubble by pointing out how Brock could have used that money to pay for the child support bills he owed back home in Australia instead of spending on an engagement ring. Lisa felt that Brock should have prioritized his relationship with his children, who he hadn't spoken to in years, instead of buying a ring for Scheana.


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Brock Davies and Scheana Shay during 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 9 reunion (Bravo)


Brock immediately shot down Lisa's suggestion by declaring that he didn't want to give away his money to the government. He also explained that he had been paying small amounts of money over the years for child support, but the reason he wasn't allowed to contact his children was that he hadn't cleared all the back taxes he owed in the form of child support. While Brock and Scheana felt that they were making smart decisions with their money, fans however, didn't feel the same way about it. Fans sided with Lisa and slammed Brock for not making any attempts to fix his relationship with his children.

A fan tweeted, "Brock got a 20k ring, spent 500,000 on his gym, planning a Bali destination wedding but refuses to pay child support because the state will get $$. This says just as much about scheana as it does about Brock. May summer never meet the same fate. #PumpRules #PumpRulesReunion." Another fan wrote, "“I don’t want to take that 20k and go pay the government” THIS IS FOR YOUR KIDS BROCK?!? also stop saying that you don’t have a full time job.... go try and get one?? And don’t put a 25k ring on a credit card? How is Scheana not embarrassed... #PumpRules." "Not paying #ChildSupport is LOW! Buying a $25,000 engagement ring when #Brock isn’t paying for his kids to LIVE is absolutely inexcusable & disgusting! #VanderpumpRules #PumpRules," commented a fan. "Actually … idk about loving Brock. Spending 25K on an engagement ring but you owe thousands in child support? Yeah, na! That’s negligent af. #PumpRules #PumpReunion," declared a fan.






Brock Davies in 'Vanderpump Rules' (Bravo)


Another fan shared, "Brock wanting to prove to the group he's man enough to take care of Scheana but isn't man enough to pay child support is hilarious Brock is turning into a housewife #PumpReunion #PumpRules." "Brock really just said paying child support is just paying the government & Lisa needed to remind him it’s more than that, it’s opening the door to seeing your kids & he still doesn’t get it. I really need @scheana to explain what she sees in this loser??? #PumpRules," questioned a fan. "Brock whining about not paying the government when someone mentions child support pretty much says everything we need to know about him #PumpRules," observed a fan.





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