Who was Valdir Segato? Bodybuilder 'Brazilian Hulk' who injected OIL for 'bigger muscles' dies

Who was Valdir Segato? Bodybuilder 'Brazilian Hulk' who injected OIL for 'bigger muscles' dies
Valdir Segato, who was known for his Atlas-like physique, died at 55 (@valdirsynthol/Instagram)

Valdir Segato, a 55-year-old Brazilian bodybuilder, died after injecting harmful oils into his muscles, hoping to get a body similar to The Hulk and Arnold Schwarzenegger. His remarkable 23-inch biceps and beast-like body helped him garner more than a million followers on TikTok.

The bodybuilder died due to a risky lifestyle, which doctors had warned him about six years ago. He was told that the injections into his muscles could cause nerve damage and could even lead to amputation. His eye-catching muscles, gigantic biceps, and overall questionable physique were the results of a strict workout regime, possible steroids, and harmful injections containing oils that carried the risk of stroke and infections. As per Daily Mail, back in 2016, the bodybuilder liked the attention he was getting despite the risks involved. "They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I’ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger," Segato said. 


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Who was Valdir Segato?

Valdir Segato was a TikTok personality with 1.6 million followers, courtesy of his humongous muscles. His followers called him "the monster" which he was proud of. The local media had previously reported that even though his fan following was massive, he lived in an isolated world and rented a property built on the rear of the home of a man called Moisés da Conceição da Silva for more than 15 years.   


Moisés told Globo, "It was around 6am, more or less. He came crawling through the back of the house and came to the front. Then he knocked on my mother's window, knocked, knocked, then she woke up and he said 'Help me, help me because I'm dying.'" Jadson da Conceição, Moisés' brother, said that this was not the first time the bodybuilder had been taken to a hospital. He revealed that previously as well he had complained of shortness of breath and was taken to a hospital. He was saved earlier, as he reached the hospital just in time. Segato died on his 55th birthday in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil, after being taken to the North Emergency Care Unit (UPA), a medical facility in the city. 

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