Vagabond week 8 sees Netflix show take political twist as PM Sun-jo, in cahoots with Samael, conspires against President Gook-pyo

'Vagabond' episode 14 reveals someone else is behind the plane crash and John and Mark employee Edward Michael's death. This person has a connection with the Prime Minister which Cha Dal-geon and Go Hae-ri investigate

                            Vagabond week 8 sees Netflix show take political twist as PM Sun-jo, in cahoots with Samael, conspires against President Gook-pyo

The concept of absolute truth is relative. It all depends on the perspective of the person looking at the truth and 'Vagabond' Episode 14, in its eighth week, is the best example of how things might not be what you see on the surface.

The further you look into something, the more you are convinced you didn't know the truth in the first place. In episode 14 of 'Vagabond', we see Cha Dal-geon (Lee Seung-gi) and Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) try to assimilate back into their lives after successfully revealing the truth about the B357 plane crash.

Only, the crash now seems like a Pandora's box. Jessica Lee (Moon Jeong-Hee), who has been accused of lobbying to get access to deals from the government and is the prime suspect in the plane crash case bursts their bubble and reveals she really had nothing to do with the crash.

To make her point, she even sends Dal-geon the video Hyun-woo had shot in the plane, in which Kim Woo-gi's (Jang Hyuk-Jin) partner was captured. She asks Dal-geon and Hae-ri to look into the guy, whose name was revealed in earlier episodes as Jerome.

Jessica also mentions that O Sang-mi, who helped her husband Woo-gi in the plane crash attack, had been released. This causes further suspicion regarding Jessica's guilt and there is also a question raised about who the real culprit here is.


Prime Minister Hong Sun-jo at the press conference in 'Vagabond' episode 14. (Source: Netflix screenshot)

Dal-geon and Hae-ri then begin to investigate the death of John and Mark's Vice President for Asia, Edward Michael, and Jerome's background.  So far, other than his name, it has also been revealed that Jerome takes his orders from an individual named Samael.

Samael could be the brain behind the entire operation that brought down the plane, but his full identity is yet to be revealed. However, what has become clear now is the fact that the Prime Minister Hong Sun-jo (Moon Sung-geun) is in cahoots with the Samael.

So is Jessica's assistant Hong Seung-beom (Kim Jung-hyun), who was supposed to help her get out jail. The pattern that has appeared after Jessica was imprisoned is strange and NIS agents Gang Joo-cheol (Lee Ki-young) and Gi Tae-ung (Shin Sun-rok) agree there could be a political power at play behind all of this. 

The entire plan is much bigger than what Dal-geon had actually believed. It is not only about getting access to Dynamics company's plan for their FX jets but also about unseating President Jeong Gook-pyo (Bae Yoon-sik) from his post.

With Seung-beom's help, the prime minister has got his hands on voice recordings that connect the President to the slush fund in Singapore which he had received to support John and Mark. The prime minister uses the recording and invites the relatives of victims of the crash to hold a press meet and announce that he will now stand against the President in bringing justice to the victims. 

A still of O Sang-mi calling Dal-geon in 'Vagabond' episode 14. (Source: Netflix screenshot)

After being misguided multiple times by the government, Dal-geon doesn't believe in the Prime Minister anymore and his mistrust is clearly visible to the Prime minister as well when he meets the family for a dinner outside. With Hae-ri and other NIS agents' help, Dal-geon now has something bigger that he needs to look into.

At this time, he gets a call from Sang-mi, who tells him she has proof against the actual people behind the crime and requests Dal-geon to help her. Jerome, however, tracks her before Dal-geon and follows her into an office space.

Dal-geon reaches just minutes after and to stop him from meeting Sang-mi, Jerome decides to reveal himself and that leads to Dal-geon's rising temper. Will Jerome successfully distract Dal-geon? How successful will a stuntman such as Dal-geon be in uncovering all sides of the truth behind the B357 plane crash?

The next episode of 'Vagabond' can be streamed on Netflix Saturday. 

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