'Vagabond' week 7 hints that Jessica Lee is not the actual villain and Cha Dal-geon receives a surprising message

'Vagabond' week 7 saw Cha Dal-geon and Go Hae-ri successfully reveal the truth about the Dynamic aircraft crash in court and Dal-geon also puts pressure on the president to take action against people responsible by naming him to the press.

                            'Vagabond' week 7 hints that Jessica Lee is not the actual villain and Cha Dal-geon receives a surprising message

'Vagabond' week 7 saw only the 13th episode of the show air and it featured how Cha Dal-geon (Lee Seung-gi) and Go Hae-ri (Bae Suzy) managed to successfully bring Kim Woo-gi (Jang Hyuk-Jin) to court to stand witness. However, the work is not completely done. There is a bigger mastermind, who planned the death of John and Mark's Asia Vice President Michael (Antonio Pedro Cerdeira) as revealed in the episode by Jessica Lee. 

The episode starts with Woo-gi being sworn in and providing the witness statement to prove that it was John and Mark's Michael who had hired him to bring the flight down. While Jessica's lawyers argue for proof, Woo-gi announces that he has a video that will prove his claims. The court rules in favor of the victims, by asking Dynamic to pay for their losses and also instructs that the right action be taken against John and Mark based on Woo-gi's statement. What seems strange, however, is the fact that Woo-gi would suddenly give this statement. For days, when he was travelling with Hae-ri and Dal-geon, he repeatedly said that he wouldn't take the fall for the crash. Turns out, their suspicions were valid.

A still of Dal-geon carrying Hae-ri to be taken to the hospital in 'Vagabond' episode 13. (Source: SBS)

After the ruling, the families of victims who lost life in the plane crash appreciate Dal-geon's efforts and they begin celebrating. Suddenly, Hae-ri realizes that she has a bullet wound from a ricocheted bullet and everyone hurries her to the hospital. The media crowd around Dal-geon and the injured Hae-ri, which has Dal-geon yelling out in anger. He asks them why they never printed anything about the plane crash before and finally, even addresses President Jung Kook-Pyo (Baek Yoon-Sik) directly. He stresses why it is important for the president to take action against the people who were responsible for this, or face the wrath of the people of South Korea.

Meanwhile, we see Hae-ri's injury get treated and Dal-geon helps her gain her strength back and he also does physiotherapy for her. While he helps her, he also makes sure that he sees the end of the John and Mark case. He witnesses Jessica's press conference where she tries to put the blame completely on Michael. Before she can get away with it, though, the press members get a video of Jessica lobbying ministers to support her, and even pictures that she had used to blackmail Defense Minister Park Man-Young (Choi Kwang-Il) into supporting her are leaked. She is taken into custody by the prosecutor's office to be investigated for illegal lobbying instead of being taken in by the NIS. Someone seems to be pulling the string from the background to keep Jessica away from the clutches of NIS.  


The president, in the meanwhile, decides to use Yun Han-Ki (Kim Min-Jong) and NIS Director General An (Kim Jong-Soo) as a scapegoat. He presents the case as if he were entirely lobbying with John and Mark, and that the plane crash happened without his knowledge. He named Han-ki as the prime culprit behind it all, hiding the fact that he accepted $500 million from John and Mark to sign the deal in their favor. The proof that Han-ki had, which would prove that the president himself was not innocent, disappears and he is handed a box with alcohol, lighter and charcoal. We learn later that he lit himself up and committed suicide. It also comes to light that Woo-gi got access to $20 million which is now in a secret account and despite putting a show of hating his wife O Sang-mi, it looks like everything was planned - including his testimonial. 

At the end of the episode, when Dal-geon is bonding with the family members of other victims over food, he gets a message. When he opens it, he finds the video that was deleted from his dropbox in the first couple of episodes which his nephew had recorded and saved. He is told that it is not over, and we cannot wait to see who the mastermind behind Michael's death is, or who handed the huge amount to Woo-gi.

SBS aired only the 13th episode of the show on November 2, due to a baseball match between Korea and Puerto Rico. The next episodes of 'Vagabond', episode 14 and 15, can be streamed on Netflix on Friday and Saturday respectively. 

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