'V Wars' Season 1: Laura Vandervoort's Mila Dubov was underutilized and a potential Season 2 needs to fix that

'V Wars' Season 1: Laura Vandervoort's Mila Dubov was underutilized and a potential Season 2 needs to fix that
Laura Vandervoort (Source : IMDb)

Laura Vandervoort is a well-known name in the circles of sci-fi/fantasy television, best known for her role as the werewolf, Elena Michaels, in the Space drama series, 'Bitten'. She also had other roles in esteemed sci-fi shows like Syfy's 'Haven' and even played Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) in 'Smallville' on The CW.

So, it is without a doubt that fans of Vandervoort from her 'Bitten' days were excited about her turn as a vampire on 'V Wars' which released on Netflix recently. Vandervoort plays Mila Dubov, who was turned by her sister, Danika, played by Kimberly-Sue Murray.

Mila had many similarities to Elena -- in that, they were both turned respectively into a vampire and a werewolf without consent and oddly enough, both characters were photographers. Mila, like Elena, is guided by her sense of what is right and becomes an anti-Blood vigilant, taking down dangerous vampires on her own as she struggles with what she has become.

Though Mila finds love with Detective Elysse Chambers, when Elysse finds out that Mila is a vampire, she is frightened and runs away. This unleashes a rage in Mila which ends up with her taking it out on Danika -- who by the end of the first season had become a much mellowed down version of who she used to be -- and seemingly kills her. We are not sure whether Danika is dead for sure since she was off-camera.


In the last scene of 'V Wars', as Ian Somerhalder's Dr. Luther Swann is seen working out -- presumably to take down Calix Niklos and get his son back -- we see Mila approach him, implying that these characters will work closely together should there be a second season.

However, Mila was severely underutilized for an actress of Vandervoort's caliber, in a season where the female characters' roles mainly served to assist the men in their lives -- Mila was the sole exception. 

We hope that Mila takes a much more central role in the second season, and we would love to see her beside Luther, fighting in her own right, rather than just be relegated to the sidelines. After all, Laura Vandervoort deserves better.

All episodes of Season 1 of 'V Wars' are now streaming on Netflix.


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