'V Wars' Season 1: Why 'Bitten' fans will be thrilled with Laura Vandervoort's Mila Dubov

Vandervoort is well known for her role as Elena on 'Bitten' and fans of the Canadian show should be excited to see her on 'V Wars'.

                            'V Wars' Season 1: Why 'Bitten' fans will be thrilled with Laura Vandervoort's Mila Dubov
Laura Vandervoort (Source : IMDb)

'V Wars' is set to premiere on Netflix in a few days and though the Ian Somerhalder-produced sci-fi horror show is based on the comics of the same name by Jonathan Maberry, we don't know much about the supporting characters who will be appearing on the show.

Somerhalder will play Dr. Luther Swann -- an academic in the comics, a scientist on the show -- who is working to find a cure for the vampirism virus in the show. Adrian Holmes is playing Michael Fayne, who is Patient Zero and ends up becoming the leader of the underground faction of vampires. Luther and Michael are the main leads for the show.

We also know of two supporting characters -- Danika Dubov, played by Kimberly-Sue Murray, and Mila, her sister, played by Laura Vandervoort. Danika is said to be a self-centered, successful realtor who is driven by her pursuit of fun and leisure. She becomes a vampire when she gets intimate with Michael, and she, in turn, turns her sister, who is very different from her.

Vandervoort is known for another well-received supernatural show called 'Bitten', however, on this Canadian show, she plays Elena Michaels, a woman who was turned into a werewolf without her consent. She learns to adapt to her new nature and even thrive, and though initially, she is resentful to the one who turned her, through the three seasons of the show, she becomes one of the werewolf leaders.

Elena was bitten by her then-fiance Clay Danvers, who was afraid that his alpha, Jeremy, would kill Elena to hide their secret. When the show starts, Elena is in Toronto, living her best life, having put her werewolf past behind her, save for the occasional runs she has with her pack-mate, Logan, who is also in the city. She later moves back to upstate New York -- temporarily at first -- to help the pack track down a rogue werewolf that is terrorizing the town and killing women.

We think Vandervoort's character in 'V Wars', Mila Dubov, is a lot like Elena though they are at two ends of the supernatural spectrum. Like Elena, it would seem that Mila was also turned against her wishes by her sister, Danika. Mila is very different from Danika in that she is selfless and the quieter type. 

Funnily enough, Mila is a photographer -- which is what Elena was on the show, 'Bitten'. More often than not, Mila puts others' needs ahead of her own, much like Elena who moved back to New York to help her pack and then continued to stay there as more problems arose. Mila is said to be of a gentle nature and her newfound identity as vampire clashes with her personality. She cannot adjust to her need to kill for survival and she struggles with self-hatred, leaving her to lead a life of loneliness and isolation. 

And so Mila channels her frustration and becomes an anti-Blood vigilante in the war between humans and vampires (Bloods referring to vampires and Beats refers to humans). Being a vigilante does not solve the problems on a larger scale, but it helps Mila deal with her complicated feelings. Though she loves Danika, after being turned, she swears revenge on her for turning her into a monster.

We cannot wait to see Laura Vandervoort in action again as 'V Wars' is released on Netflix this week and we think fans of 'Bitten' will love her turn as a vampire. 

'V Wars' will be released on Netflix on December 5th.

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