'Unpolished': Will Martones face legal issues after discussing Bria's $100,000 wedding plans post Big Mike's death?

Did Jennifer Martone just invite legal trouble for her entire family after discussing her piling bills and finance issues on reality TV?

                            'Unpolished': Will Martones face legal issues after discussing Bria's $100,000 wedding plans post Big Mike's death?
Jennifer Martone and Bria Martone (TLC)

Starring in 'Unpolished', sisters Lexi and Bria are favorites with the TLC network audience for their "real, loud, and dramatic" storylines. However, the season premiere episode began on a somber note with Mike Martone aka Big Mike's death talk.

In a confessional, the Martone family matriarch and Big Mike's widow Jennifer opened up about the struggle he went through in his last days and how relieved she was that his suffering has ended. Lexi and Bria too went down memory lane and spoke about the void that exists after Big Mike's passing. A number of videos of themselves with their father from their childhood played on-screen leaving audiences feeling the same emotion of loss as his family. 

Jennifer had been receiving piles and piles of bills from the salon, she had no idea about these before because Big Mike took care of everything. There was also a mortgage on one of their houses that Jennifer was just discovering and all that led to her giving in to the pressure. To top that, Bria was getting married to Matt Mancuso and there was no way that the event was going to be postponed. Bria was promised a number of grand things at her wedding by Big Mike and the onus was now on Jennifer to take care of it all. But with all those bills, she couldn't process how she could go through with all of those requests. 

Jennifer and Bria along with Lexi Martone discussing their financial issues on an episode of 'Unpolished' (TLC)

Jennifer decided to discuss these issues with her daughters because she found there was no better way to handle this situation. After going through the wedding last September, they're back to business as usual and Salon Martone is still functioning as it did before. However, the biggest question on all minds seems to be: What will be the consequence of those unpaid bills?

A similar scenario took place years ago when Teresa and Joe Guidice were indicted on federal charges of conspiracy to mail fraud, wire fraud, loan fraud and bankruptcy fraud.

Authorities had also alleged that they greatly exaggerated their income when they applied for loans prior to joining the 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' cast in 2009, according to various reports. Now it is yet to be seen if the Martones have the same fate as the Guidices. It seems quite likely since they were seen on TV discussing Bria's $100,000 wedding plans alongside a pile of bills? But, only time can tell what happens. 

New episodes of 'Unpolished' air Tuesdays at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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