'Unpolished' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the TLC show

Season 2 of the show will bring the personal and financial turmoil of the Martone family who've lost a lot during the pandemic, including their father Big Mike who died on May 9 this year

                            'Unpolished' Season 2: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the TLC show

What happens when you have a roaringly popular business and have family drama? Sounds like the perfect recipe for a reality show. 'Unpolished' premiered in November 2019, focused around sisters Lexi and Bria of the Martone family. Both of them were dealing with a number of issues while juggling their very busy work life. While Lexi underwent weight loss surgery to help amp up her confidence, Bria battled with her on and off relationship with Matt, her boyfriend of eight years. The tension between Bria and Lexi mounted as the latter felt that Matt was not the right person for her sister. Not just Lexi but the entire Martone family was against the union considering Matt had fallen off the wagon a number of times, also has dealt with substance abuse.

Bria continued to defend her relationship with Matt in the face of all this opposition. The family received the biggest shock when the couple announced they were engaged and were planning to marry soon. Their announcement failed to incite any happiness within the family and none of them were in support of their impending nuptials. They eloped and reached Vegas and Bria decided to inform her mother Jennifer of the step she was taking. The latter once again attempted to stop her from doing so but Bria was determined and she would have walked down the aisle if it weren't for her father Big Mike who expressed a wish to walk her down the aisle himself. Bria honored her father's wishes and she and Matt collectively called off the wedding. Season 2 of the show is about to air soon and here's everything you can expect to see and all you need to know about it.

Release date

'Unpolished' Season 2 will return to TV on January 12, 2021. A new episode will air every Tuesday night on TLC at 10 pm ET. 


The busy lives of Lexi and Bria came crashing down with the pandemic bringing down the world to a screeching halt. Then, in the thick of it all, the tragic and unexpected passing of their father and biggest supporter, Big Mike, left the family in shambles. Mother and administrative lead at the salon, Jennifer, is forced to step up to help make ends meet, taking control of the family’s obligations. Despite all the personal and financial turmoil and to Lexi’s dismay, Bria and her fiancé Matt are still planning to have their wedding as the extravagant affair she and her father dreamed of, but coronavirus restrictions get in the way of Bria’s dream wedding. Meanwhile, once the green light is given to safely resume services while adhering to health and safety guidelines, Lexi must put the personal aside and continue to deliver for her special clients’ extreme requests, from a “mer-mazing” set of nautical nails to an amusement park-themed look. But as Bria’s big day approaches, Lexi starts to crack and reveal some long-suppressed emotions about her tight-knit family, according to TLC's press release. 


Jennifer, Bria and Lexi (TLC)

The show centers around Lexi, a cutting-edge nail artist and her hair-colorist/makeup artist sister Bria. Their mother, Jennifer, who helps them manage the business; grandmother Foxy, a seasoned hairstylist also make appearances on the show.


There's no trailer yet for Season 2 of 'Unpolished'. Check this space closer to the release date for fresh updates. 

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