'Unexpected': 5 things to know about TLC's teen pregnancy show

'Unexpected': 5 things to know about TLC's teen pregnancy show
The cast of 'Unexpected' (Instagram/ TLC)

TLC 's 'Unexpected' has seen 4 brilliant seasons so far, and fans have been patiently waiting for a new season. Good news, it's finally happening. The reality show tackles teenage pregnancy, similar shows being '16 and Pregnant' and 'Teen Mom'.

The familiar faces and returning mothers on Season 5 will be Lilly Bennett, Jenna Ronan, Tyra Boisseau, and Tiarra Boisseau. A new face will be Taylor Williams, cousin to the Boisseaus. In the upcoming season, we'll hear Williams' experience of being a teen mom to her second child, according to a source.


Unexpected’ Spoilers: Lilliana’s demeanor shocks Myrka, has she forgiven her daughter for being pregnant?

‘Unexpected’: Taron’s mother Teresa meets Reanna to convince her about their baby’s custody, will she give in? 

Reanna Cline, Myrka Cantu and Jenna Ronan from 'Unexpected' (TLC)

When and where to watch 'Unexpected’ Season 5?

Season 5 of 'Unexpected' releases on March 6, 2022, on TLC.

What is 'Unexpected' all about?

The official synopsis reads: "Unexpected, a new series following the journey of three pregnant teen couples and the parents who raised them".

Who stars in 'Unexpected' Season 5?

Lilly Bennett

Bennett was born and raised in East Hampton, New York, United States. A celebrity reality star, after having appeared on TLC's 'Unexpected', she has also shared much of her life as a teen mother, on both Instagram and YouTube. In 2017, she birthed her first child, Aaliyah, with James Kennedy.


Jenna Ronan

Jenna Ronan was an unscripted TV star on Season 4 of TLC’s 'Unexpected'. She became a mom at 16. In addition, she is also a celebrity reality tv star because of her appearance on the show.


Tyra Boisseau

Starring in TLC's 'Unexpected', she is among the three aspiring reality show stars, including her sister, Tiarra. Hailing from Kentucky, the teen mom was 18 when she got pregnant. She had baby  Layla Wilson in 2019, from her relationship with Alex Wilson.


Tiarra Boisseau

TLC star Tiarra is a reality star, and sister of Tyra Boisseau. She first got pregnant at 16 with her boyfriend, Dee Ragland, and since then, motherhood seems to have grown on her. With Ella having been 3 in 2021, Tiarra gave birth to a second child in July of the same year, Ensley Joanne Ragland.



The series is produced by Diana Giggans-Hill


We're yet to see updates on this front but stay tuned to know more


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