'Unexpected': Fans slam Jason's controlling behavior, say they're 'scared' for Kylen

'Unexpected': Fans slam Jason's controlling behavior, say they're 'scared' for Kylen
Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith from 'Unexpected' (Instagram - @jason__44_)

The latest episode of 'Unexpected' saw a rather ugly side of Jason Korpi. Although the teen-to-be dad still lives with his parents, Jason doesn't seem to be bothered by how he treats his pregnant girlfriend, Kylen.

In one instance, he even called out his parents for "pampering" Kylen, and even said, "I think we should both get the same treatment". Of course, his immaturity is closely tied with huge pangs of jealousy, which is alarmingly unreasonable. Jason also adds that his 17-year-old girlfriend is too childish for missing her parents, mocks her for the same and then adds that he's trying to help her have a mature way of thinking. Jason also boasts that he loves Kylen more than anyone else, but of course, not more than his unborn son. Well, that speaks volumes of who's immature and weirdly wired. Read on to know more about Jason.


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Here's what fans have to say about the latest epsiode of TLC's reality show. 

One fan said, "I hate this Jason doofus. He’s controlling/abusive. Kylen’s Dad is very ill. Of course she wants to spend time with him. #unexpected", while another shared, "Jason is psychologically abusive and controlling. He took the condom off without consent and is jealous of his parents treating his girlfriend well?? I’m genuinely scared for Kylen being connected to him by a baby for life #unexpected #unexpectedtlc". 

One fan tweeted, "Jason is so controlling lawdddd #unexpected #unexpectedtlc", while another said, "Ughhh jason #unexpected".









One fan shared, "It’s only the second episode of the season and I’m dreading seeing Jason. #unexpected", while another said, "Jason is just.....there are no words. #unexpected".

One fan tweeted, "Ah shit here we go #unexpected".







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