'Undercover' Season 3: 5 things to know about Netflix's hit Dutch crime thriller

'Undercover' Season 3: 5 things to know about Netflix's hit Dutch crime thriller
'Undercover' Season 3 official art (Netflix)

Rejoice 'Undercover' fans because Netflix is finally bringing Season 3 very soon! The Belgian-Dutch series which was a major hit with crime thriller lovers is set to continue the story and promises even more danger and twists to come.

Filled with adrenaline, betrayal and secrets the Netflix series will see the story of Bob Lemmens continue. Previously the ex-cop landed in hot water resulting in a possible jail sentence, that is until an opportunity presented itself to him. Asked to go on a perilous undercover mission to make his case disappear, he embarks on a rough road filled with danger. And to make it worse, he has to even work together with a sworn enemy. If everything that you read enticed you, then check out 'Intrusion' and 'Gloria' on Netflix as well. 



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When is 'Undercover' Season 3 releasing and where to watch it

'Undercover' Season 3 is set to premiere on January 10, 2022. You can watch it on Netflix.


What is the third season of 'Undercover' about

According to Netflix : After the murder of an undercover agent, sworn enemies Bob Lemmens and Ferry Bouman must work together to roll up Serkan and Leyla Bulut’s Turkish XTC-network. After the events of Season 2, Bob has been fired from the police department and a court case and possible prison sentence are looming over him. Ferry is released from prison, but finds out that his place at the top of the XTC-world has been taken over by a new, stronger and smarter gang which is led by the Turkish couple Serkan and Leyla Bulut 
When a young undercover agent is murdered, the police realize that they have a mole in their midst. Patrick Diericks has a proposition for Bob: he can make his court case disappear if Bob goes undercover again to infiltrate Serkan’s gang as a civilian informer and unmask the traitor. Bob reluctantly takes on this life-threatening mission in order to get his life back on track and secure a future with his new family. But then he comes up against Ferry Bouman…


Who stars in the Netflix thriller?

Tom Waes as Bob Lemmens

Tom Waes is a Belgian actor, television director, and television presenter who also sings on occasion. Before getting noticed by the public in 2005 for his role in ' Het Gender De Pauw', Waes used to make for ' The Last Show' and 'De Quizmaster'. His works include 'New Texas', 'SM Judge', 'Tragger Hippy' and more. He essays the lead role of Bob Lemmens in 'Undercover'. 




The rest of the cast includes Frank Lammers as Ferry Bouman, Jeroen Van der Ven as Patrick Diericks, Nazmiye Oral as Leyla Bulut, Murat Seven as Serkan Bulut, Elise Schaap as Danielle Bouman, Kevin Janssens as Jurgen van Kamp and Huub Smit as Dennis de Vries.



'Undercover' has been created by Nico Moolenaar. Eshref Reybrouck and Frank Devos serve as the directors.


Click below for a taste of the thrills to come!



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