Brendon Urie sings 'Under Pressure' with Jimmy Fallon as Roots drum up magic with makeshift instruments

Urie and Fallon delivered an amazing vocal performance with the Roots performing on some wild instrumentation for their cover of 'Under Pressure' on Fallon's 'At Home Edition'

                            Brendon Urie sings 'Under Pressure' with Jimmy Fallon as Roots drum up magic with makeshift instruments
Brendon Urie (Getty Images)

Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon joined forces for a quarantine-at-home cover of David Bowie and Queen's smash hit 'Under Pressure'.  Their new remix will air during 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' on May 12 at 11:35 pm ET. 

In the video, Urie and Fallon lead on the vocals (with a harmony towards the end) while hip-hop group the Roots helm the instruments from their respective lockdown abodes. Other than traditional instruments including guitar, bass, and a melodica, the group performed on several makeshift instruments, including a fork, spoons, flasks, a frisbee and a table. Questlove used a butter knife, wine glass, jar, bottle and pot lid for his contribution to the percussion while Black Thought used a frosting spatula to deliver percussion on a toaster in this playful yet super catchy rendition of 'Under Pressure'.

Considering the instrumentation is unconventional and everything is recorded from home, the sound quality is remarkably good while Urie and Fallon's vocals are rich. It was enjoyable to both watch and listen to during a time where we all feel we are "under pressure" because of the pandemic.

Fans on Twitter were ecstatic over the 'Under Pressure' remix. "This is soooooo good!!! Brendon has an amazing voice!!!! I love it!!!" says a fan of Urie while another wrote,  "Man he is a beautiful human."  One fan shared, "Incredible! I needed this! Today, I was “Under Pressure.” Another fan noted Fallon's amazing usage of his vocal cords, saying, "Brendon has an amazing voice, but can we talk about how good Jimmy sounds!" One fan said, "Love it! That was amazing!!"

Since the Covid-19 spread and quarantine measures have prevented 'The Tonight Show' from broadcasting its regular live shows from the studio, Fallon has been hosting an 'At Home Edition' version of the show from his home that runs for 10 minutes and features guests who are also social-distancing at their homes.

Demi Lovato, Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons, Sting, Adam Sandler, Barbra Streisand, Tones and I,  and more have participated in Fallon's At Home shows.  Ethan Hawke, Elle Fanning, and Maroon 5 are the special guests for tonight's episode. 


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