'Uncharted': Release date, plot, cast, and everything you need to know about the video game's film adaptation

After months of being teased by reports of a film version, the game will finally hit the big screen next year, with Tom Holland as the face of Drake

                            'Uncharted': Release date, plot, cast, and everything you need to know about the video game's film adaptation

It is finally time for fans of the video game 'Uncharted' to cheer because a film adaptation on the same is very much happening. To make things even better, the wait for the film won't be long, as it arrives for a glorious Christmas release in 2020. After months of being teased by reports of a film version, the game's protagonist who has garnered massive fame as a top explorer will be gracing the big screen. Considering the hit and miss scenario that most games turning into movies have to undergo, let's just hope the very revered game character is not butchered entirely.

Release date

The highly anticipated film of the game franchise is slated to release on December 18, 2020.



Even though plot details have not been revealed currently, fans can expect the film to follow the original game's tale. We know the story will be a prequel to the existing games in the franchise, focusing on a younger Drake, as we come across how he met and befriended Sully. Lots of action, elaborate fight scenes, and the backstory behind Drake becoming the adventurer and treasure hunter that he is in the game will finally play out on the screen. The Naughty Dog who creates the game has plenty of content that we can expect to be shown on screen, exploring the stories from the game's first four installments, 'Drake's Fortune', 'Among Thieves', 'Thief's End', and 'The Lost Legacy'.


David O' Russell was originally on board to helm the project as both writer and director, but he was replaced and followed by three other choices: Seth Gordon, Neil Burger, and Shawn Levy. As of now, the writers drafting the script are Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker, who are believed to be making some crucial changes to Joe Carnahan's previous 'R-rated' screenplay. 


Tom Holland

Tom Holland attends at Sony presentation on December 8, 2018, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Getty Images)

The new age Spiderman aka the official Marvel Spidey, Holland has been cast a the protagonist in the upcoming movie. He's the face of the spider web spewing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has appeared in both 'Spider-Man' films in the franchise and also in three of the films from the 'Avengers' saga. In 2017, Holland received the BAFTA Rising Star Award and has garnered immense critical acclaim for his portrayal of the Marvel superhero.

While none of the other characters have a confirmed face yet, Holland isn't the only one from the MCU who has been associated with the film. Chris Hemsworth — known as the God of Lightning, Thor, in the Avengers series and also the face of the character in Marvel's stand alone films on the character — is rumored to be first in line for the role of Victor 'Sully' Sullivan — Drake's ally and close friend.


Unfortunately, there isn't an official trailer out for the film yet. Watch this space for more updates. 

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