Ryan Long: Uber driver wins $145K in 7-day winning streak on Jeopardy!, fans say 'keep 'em coming'

Ryan Long: Uber driver wins $145K in 7-day winning streak on Jeopardy!, fans say 'keep 'em coming'
Rideshare driver Ryan Long (R) won $150K in seven days on Jeopardy! hosted by Mayim Bialik (L)( Youtube Screenshot_A1 Business ideas)

JEOPARDY! Fans celebrated as Uber driver Ryan Long achieved another win on May 23, Monday. The 39-year-old from Philadelphia went on a seven-day winning run, gaining $145k.

Jeopardy! show's host, Mayim Bialik, presided over another victory for Ryan, who defeated content strategist Jodi Harris and writing center coordinator Mari Chao.Despite answering Final Jeopardy! inaccurately, he still walked away with a total intake of $13,400. His seven-day total now stands at a stunning $145,201.Ryan's laid-back manner and dry humor have won over the show's devoted audience, and viewers flocked to Twitter to cheer him up as Jeopardy! official handle posted the scorecard. The unassuming nature of the Uber and Lyft driver had been appreciated on the internet, meanwhile, fans also wished former host Ken Jennings a happy birthday.


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 A user wrote: "Way to go Ryan! Really enjoy watching you."



Another user congratulated Ryan and wrote: "Congratulations on the wins, Ryan!!! Keep 'em comin'!! #Jeopardy"


"Go Ryan!" a user exclaimed.



The contestant earlier stated that he had left his spectacles 3,000 miles away from the Los Angeles studios. He stated, "In case anybody’s wondering why I’m constantly squinting and adjusting during the game…it’s because my glasses are 3000 miles away, where they will do the most good. #jeopardy"



Ryan resorted to Twitter last week and expressed his emotions and gratitude to his newly discovered fanbase as he continues his improbable journey to Jeopardy! stardom. The modest candidate has claimed that the experience is weird yet gratifying for him. He wrote: "I don’t know what to say. I honestly don’t. This has been a damn day. I gave my first two interviews ever in life. I got recognized in public for the first time. And the rest, well… #jeopardy"



Although Mayim moderated the show on May 23, Monday, fans haven't forgotten Ken Jennings, the ex-host of Jeopardy!, who turned 48. The former champion recently announced that he will be departing the show indefinitely, as viewers eagerly anticipate the appointment of the next permanent host. Fans, though, continued to wish the Jeopardy! GOAT, happy birthday on Jeopardy! official Twitter handle.



 A user replied to the thread, "Happy Birthday! Are you back on yet? I’m not watching until you are. There are some good books to read out there, like some written by Ken."



"The best birthday gift? Name Ken permanent Jeopardy host. It would be a gift to Jeopardy fans as well," another user urged as he wished the host.



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