'Assisted Living' Episode 6: Fans believe 'we have let them insult our intelligence' by encouraging the sitcom

'The people deserve better,' say angry fans after yet another seemingly disappointing week of 'Assisted Living'

                            'Assisted Living' Episode 6: Fans believe 'we have let them insult our intelligence' by encouraging the sitcom

Spoilers for 'Assisted Living' Episode 6

It's not like they haven't tried, or 'Assisted Living' is utterly unfunny, but when you've been an avid watcher of Tyler Perry's shows for ages, the bar is set really, really high. The latest failure at making the cut is Perry's new sitcom 'Assisted Living', whose main attractions were Mr. Brown and Cora -- longtime Perry characters in his wide multiverse, played by none other than David and Tamela Mann. With the characters appearing in Episodes 1 and 2, things looked bright, but soon it dipped as they were nowhere to be seen or heard from in last week's Episodes 3 and 4. This week's Episode 5 was a drag too, with fans pointing out how Perry is saving another whopping billion by staging characters in the same clothes as Day 1 of the show. But although the sixth episode had hinted at Brown's return, all fans got was a last 5 minutes of Mann's iconic comedy, something that has made them criticize the show for "insulting their intelligence."

In Episode 6, Leah suggests Jeremy called up Mr Brown to come over and talk to Grandpa Vinny and reason with him even though the two had sparked an instantaneous rivalry in the pilot. After much delay and deliberation, Mr Brown comes back with the same old jokes about him not being Cora's father and dropping Perry's sassy grandma avatar Madea here and there. Still, it wasn't enough for fans. "I’ll say it, we have let them insult our intelligence by putting out subpar work long enough. All the network execs that greenlit this project should be fired. The people deserve better," shared an angry fan on Twitter. Another, who tried really hard to like it, wrote: "Ok, Brown dhowed up during the last 5 minutes of the show. It's still not funny. I really tried, y'all. I officially DO NOT LIKE." A third fan got in-depth about what went wrong: "Episode 6 of #AssistedLivingBET got a bit better. This was the episode where Deacon Brown finally came down to town. The back and forth between Brown and Vinny was kinda funny. Also, the characters finally changed their clothes. But the show still needs to do better."







For others, having Mr Brown back made all the difference. "Mr. Brown has been here for 5 minutes, and the pace of the show picked up like crazy," tweeted a fan. Another also noted: "Brown made this show go from a -10594720389 to a damn 8" with ample clap emojis. Makes sense, he did hint Vinny got down and dirty with Madea!




'Tyler Perry's Assisted Living' airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c, only on BET.

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