Two-year-old boy killed after mother accidentally ran him over while reversing car outside home

Two-year-old boy killed after mother accidentally ran him over while reversing car outside home
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MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: In a devastating turn of events, a mother accidentally killed her own son by running him over while reversing her car in the driveway of their home. The two-year-old child is said to have sneaked near the rear wheel when his mother unknowingly mowed down him with the car.

According to a witness, the horrific incident happened in Port Cook, Melbourne, Australia. The witness described to Daily Mail Australia, “I watched (the mother) and that's what hit me the most, seeing her pain really got to me. I can't stop thinking about it, she was hysterical. The police had to pull her out of the way when trying to resuscitate him.” Police have said they do not expect anyone to be charged in connection with the accident that happened on September 10, 2022.


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Scott Phillip, the CEO of child injury and accident prevention organization KidSafe WA, has expressed his view on the tragedy via a statement, “This is a terrible tragedy. We need the community to get behind this family. This is an awful situation to be in. We really need to make sure where the children are before a vehicle moves. Children are very inquisitive and they explore and they want to be with the parent who's in the car,” he explained. The concern for child safety is an important issue that needs to be discussed as such accidents leave the parents with lifelong remorse, depression, and guilt of taking the life of their own child.

Over recent years, there have been similar cases of children getting accidentally run over the car by their parents in the US. One such incident was witnessed in Michigan in 2015 when a mother ran over the car over her one-year-old baby girl who died despite efforts from over 40 paramedics. The event was witnessed by three children as the unidentified woman backed up her car outside her house in Oak Park.

Another accident involved a two-year-old boy in Georgia who met the same fate after being run over by his mother from a car. In 2016, a Florida mom underwent the same pain of running over her one-year-old toddler which was later confirmed by the police that there was no intention of foul play, terming it as an accident.

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