Man charged with murder after 2 Georgia deputies die in 'ambush' while serving arrest warrant

Man charged with murder after 2 Georgia deputies die in 'ambush' while serving arrest warrant
Deputies Marshall Ervin, Jr and Jonathan Koleski were shot in the Marietta area while arresting a suspect wanted for theft (Cobb County Sheriff's Office)

COBB COUNTY, GEORGIA: Two deputies were killed in an ambush while attempting to serve a warrant at a home in a suburb near Atlanta. Cobb County Police Chief Stuart VanHoozer told reporters that the deputies were at a man's driveway to arrest him on theft charges when another man inside confronted them with a gun on Thursday night.

According to the Cobb County Sheriff's Office, Christopher Cook and Christopher Golden were later taken into custody, and the latter was charged with aggravated assault and murder.


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"The two deputies had returned to their vehicle after knocking on the door when another car pulled up Thursday night," Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens said. "The deputies got out of the vehicle and were talking to a suspect when shots were fired."

"A shootout ensued when the armed man refused commands to drop his weapon," VanHoozer said. The incident left both deputies fatally wounded.

After almost a four-hour standoff with law enforcement, suspects Christopher Cook, 32, and Christopher Golden, 30 were taken into custody. Cook was charged with six outstanding thefts and Golden was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on an officer and murder.

According to USNews, VanHoozer refused to give more specifics regarding the standoff that culminated in the arrests. The shootout left the front door of the home out of its frame and windows broken. VanHoozer added there was no more gunfire after the deputies were shot and no other officers were injured.

"It's very simple," Cobb County Sheriff Craig Owens said at a Thursday news conference. "My two deputies were ambushed this evening and killed," he added.

According to Owens, "Ervin, 38, joined the sheriff's office in 2012 and was married with two children. Koleski, 42, joined the office in 2007 and was also married." Owens called the deputies "outstanding men, men of character and integrity."

"Please pray for the men and women of the Cobb County Sheriff's Office," the Cobb County Sheriff's Office tweeted. "Pray for the wives, families, and loved ones of our heroes - Deputy Ervin and Deputy Koleski. We are all hurting."


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