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Two children orphaned after dad died of a ruptured ulcer and mom succumbed to cancer four weeks later

Amie Walton's partner Chris Mills died beside her when she was asleep while being treated for liver and bowel cancer at a hospital
Amie Walton and Chris Mills have left two children behind, Harry and Mia, following their deaths (Screenshot from Crowdfunder)
Amie Walton and Chris Mills have left two children behind, Harry and Mia, following their deaths (Screenshot from Crowdfunder)

DEVON, SOUTH WEST ENGLAND: A heartwrenching tragedy has left two children orphaned after their parents died in a span of four weeks in England. Amie Walton, 30, visited a doctor in May complaining of persistent heartburn. However, she was diagnosed with late-stage cancer of the liver and bowels and was hospitalized soon after. Her partner, Chris Mills, 42, died of a ruptured stomach ulcer while he was by her side at the hospital. Even more tragically, she was heartbroken to discover that he had died while she was asleep.

Later on, Walton visited her father in Devon when she had tragically died too, in exactly four weeks after Mills’ death. Daily Mail reported that at the time of her death, Walton had fifty tumors in each lung and her cancer had spread exponentially. 


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Their two children, eight-year-old Harry and six-year-old Mia, now live with their maternal grandmother Tracey. The two children used to live in Birmingham with their parents until their lives were turned upside over the course of a month. 

Local shopkeeper, Bal Singh, was devastated to hear about his former customers' death and the children they’ve left behind. In order to help them, he set up a fundraiser in order to gather funds to make the two children's lives easier. Tracey had given her statement, where she expressed her gratitude for those who donated for the children. "I would like to say a huge thank you to all involved who are helping raise money for my grandchildren. We have all had a very hard and tough time as late." She then added, "We will continue to live on with them both in our hearts and do the best to bring up their children the best we can. Again, thank you to Bal and everyone one for their continued support, much love."

The fundraising page reads, “Many of you might be aware of the recent heart rending passing of Amie Walton and Chris Mills under very tragic circumstances. Amie was diagnosed with terminal cancer and fought bravely to the very end. Her devoted and loving partner Chris spent much time with Amie comforting her in every way possible. One morning after falling asleep together, Amie awoke from her sleep to discover Chris had quietly passed away during the night. The family later discovered that Chris lost his life to a burst stomach ulcer. Amie sadly passed away exactly 4 weeks later. Amie and Chris have left behind 2 young children Harry aged 8 and Mia aged 6. Both children are being lovingly cared for by both sets of grandparents Tracey and Ade and Sandra and David."

"Both my brother and I, and undoubtedly many of you, were deeply touched and affected by this tragedy as we felt a personal connection to the loss. We felt the need to do something positive for the children and hopefully be part of something bigger than our individual selves. We both hope you will join us in raising as much funds as we possibly can as a community and come together to place a smile on the faces of two beautiful children. Thank you for your support, kindness and care," it concluded.

Walton's friend Jess Davies, who is also the children's godmother, had also spoken to The Mirror about the grief of watching the two lose their mother bit by bit. "When you’re growing up, you expect your parents are going to go so you prepare yourself for that but you never think you are going to lose your best friend, that children are going to lose their mum. Her children Harry and Mia are little dreams, they are amazing," she reportedly said.