Kindhearted cops bring food, gifts and new TV for pensioner living alone after death of his wife

Kindhearted cops bring food, gifts and new TV for pensioner living alone after death of his wife

The collective heart of the internet is melting over the viral photo of a British police officer holding the hand of a pensioner in a Birmingham neighborhood, and who has been living alone since his wife’s passing.

Local officers, WPC Rogers and PC Greaves, brought gifts to the elderly man upon hearing his plight. The unnamed pensioner broke down upon receiving the kind gesture.  

The police duo, after enlisting the help of the charity Trident Reach, reportedly went to the unnamed pensioner’s home with a shopping bag full of goodies and a brand new TV, a microwave and a toaster.

The Good Samaritans also made him tea and toast before showing him how to work his TV. The man, reportedly cried in the arms of one of the officers. 

The pictures from this heartwarming visit are making the rounds on social media, with one particular image making a huge impact on people – one where WPC Rogers is seen holding the elderly man’s hand as they watch TV together. Another one that stood out saw PC Greaves teaching him how to work the remote.  


The photos were accompanied with the caption, “WPC Rogers and PC Greaves have sourced essential items for the elderly gentleman. He lost his wife recently and her family have gone and taken her items leaving him with an empty home.” 

It continued, “PC Greaves and WPC Rogers delivered and set up items for the elderly gentleman - safe to say it was a tearful moment and he was extremely grateful for the kindness. He broke down crying in WPC Rogers arms .... he was a little bit overwhelmed, but he deserved it.” 


The tweets that follow give a detailed description of how the officers made the good deed happen, by seeking the help of the local charity- which donated the money for the TV - and other contacts within the community. The lovely gesture from the community as a whole and the two officers in particular has not gone unnoticed, with people on Twitter, commending them and asking if there is anything they can do to help the cause. 


Following the widespread love for the tweet, the Ladywood Police department's Twitter also asked others to join their acts of goodwill with the message, "We are asking if anyone wants to donate they can link in with @tridentgrp as they offer this help and support to many many families and trying to do this for others would really be a massive achievement and hopefully make others feel like he does now x 💛😊💛"

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.

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