Why is 'Protect Nayeon' trending? Fans seek protection for Twice member after 'stalker' issues death threats

Nayeon has also faced an extensive period of malicious treatment online and is even dealing with a stalker but fans have had enough

                            Why is 'Protect Nayeon' trending? Fans seek protection for Twice member after 'stalker' issues death threats
A follower who claims to be in love with Nayeon of TWICE has been sending the K-pop star torture and death threats (@Twicetagram/Instagram)

South Korean singer Nayeon, most commonly known as a member of the girl group TWICE, has been allegedly facing harassment from certain Netizens in agreement with an infamous "fan" who is being labeled as a "stalker". Many K-pop fans who are enraged by their favorite idol being stalked and harassed are now uniting to seek protection for the singer and are demanding action from her label JYP Entertainment.

If that feels like a mouthful to read out loud, it's because it is, as there are many factors in play with the tensing situation. Let's take a deeper look below.

#ProtectNayeon has begun trending on Twitter today, January 26 as fans have had enough of the malicious posts and are demanding that her agency review the matter with necessary action. While we won't share such posts for Nayeon's wellbeing, it has all come in light of the continual pursuit from a follower who claims to be in love with the K-pop star.

The "stalker"

In a voice interview uploaded on YouTube, a popular YouTuber spoke with the aforementioned fan to get a little more clarity. The hour-long clip features the fan explaining his side of the story, revealing that he has made a lot of effort to meet with Nayeon and even traveled to Korea. Listening to the first few minutes, and it is clear that the fan has developed an unhealthy obsession with the singer, at least to the point where it would be uncomfortable for her and definitely not a good start for any romantic pursuit (it is obviously also an unlikely thing to ever take place). But it gets worse, according to many of her stans.

Girl group TWICE performs on stage during the 8th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards on January 23, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

A demanding letter to JYPE

According to a letter to JYP Entertainment and related officials from a concerned fan (that is making its rounds on the net), the pursuing fan "explicitly sent a death and torture threat to Nayeon." Please note: previous and following quotes have utilized Google translate. According to reports, the stalker has also leaked unwarranted content such as photos and the singer's fellow band member Chaeyoung's phone number. TWICE followers have previously expressed that he is playing the victim and has no place to get so personal with or about the singer and the band.

The letter notes that multiple emails have been sent to the concerned officials and that it requires attention and a response. The letter recalls an incident back in January 2020 which caused a "major disturbance" as described in reports, whereby the fan attempted to approach Nayeon and hand her love letters. "We do not want the same threatening incident like the one happened on 1st Jan, 2020 on the plane incurred again in South Korea, and made Nayeon so vulnerable to these threats and put her life in danger."

The letter continues, "In addition to this stalker's issue, NGU also has raised your attention on their last email with regards of the CONTINUOUS hate and malicious tweets and 'sexual' contents about NAYEON on social media platforms, especially on Twitter." The letter also requests that the fan's YouTube channel is taken down as well as taking legal action against Twitter accounts with malicious comments against the singer.

In conclusion, the letter states that fans will escalate the issue if they do not receive a formal response.


See some of the tweets by Nayeon's worried fans below.






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