Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph reveals new album is coming soon, fans thank Zane Lowe for interviewing him

Fans took to Twitter to share their love for both Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph and Zane Lowe

                            Twenty One Pilots' Tyler Joseph reveals new album is coming soon, fans thank Zane Lowe for interviewing him
Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots , Zane Lowe (Getty Images)

Twenty One Pilots vocalist Tyler Joseph has said the band has plans to release a new album soon. Joseph curated an 'At Home With' playlist for Apple Music on May 11 while discussing his picks with Zane Lowe of Beats 1 and what his future plans for the band are.

Before the band earned No. 1 again with their standalone single 'Level of Concern' on Billboard's Alternative Songs airplay chart on May 9, the singer shared that there was a do-or-die pressure to put it out. He said in the interview with Lowe, "We really tasked everyone, all of our partners and everyone that helped us release this with, 'Hey this needs to come out right now or it's not coming out.'" Joseph added, "I can't tell you how many emails I got just from the Atlantic office that were saying, 'Thank you for this because this is a reason for us to get on a call and start working again and start strategizing.' And it was really was a shock to their system in a good way, and I'm glad that it could act as that."

According to Billboard, Joseph also said that the hasty yet successful DIY release of the single and its accompanying music video wasn't meant to be a "flex", but it served as a testament to the vocalist and bandmate Josh Dun's ability to record, produce, mix and master a track and shoot its visual within a matter of days.

Joseph said that "there was something about that release that I knew that I didn't want to overthink it." He continued, "And for me, in my isolation, that's where I write music and record and produce music anyway, there's always that chance and opportunity to overthink, and because I knew that the lyrical content and just the style of the song in general was really a now-or-never type of thing, I let the simplicity of it and its pureness of the structure and of the instrumentation happen without overthinking it and just sent it."

Joseph went on to disclose that the duo are already working on a new LP, saying, "I'm writing a record right now. I'm not sure when it'll be released, but it's definitely going to be really sooner than we were planning on releasing a record. I don't know if it's this in-between record or if it's a continuation of the narrative and where we left off." He explained, "It's kind of hard for me to tap into the story of 'Trench' [the band's latest album] and what we've been building on up until that point without being out there, without touring, without having those live shows, without interacting with our fans."

Joseph also revealed in the interview, "Right before I got on the call, I was working on a new idea. I'm excited about it."

Fans on Twitter were pumped to hear of new music, with numerous saying that they "can't wait."  "OH FRICKIN WOW BRO YES," says a fan while another wrote, "Holy shit I can’t wait." One fan said, "Ooo I’ll have to listen to that." Another shared, "Thank u king for saving my sanity."

Many fans also shared their love for Zane Lowe, saying, "The only man i trust. you are the Best interviewer ever thank you so much you absolute legend i am hugging you right now" and "I've been f**king waiting for Zane Lowe to interview them I f**king love Zane Lowe you do not understand," while another fan said, "YESS THE BEST INTERVIEWER PERIOD."

Listen to Joseph's full Apple Music interview here and his "At Home With" playlist here.

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