'Go to the source': Twenty One Pilots fans left sleepless and baffled by new cryptic codes shared by band

Twenty One Pilots have added to the their latest cryptic messaging with a bizarre live stream and fans are losing their sleep

                            'Go to the source': Twenty One Pilots fans left sleepless and baffled by new cryptic codes shared by band
Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots (Getty Images)

Twenty One Pilots fans are going crazy over a cryptic social media post the band shared last week, but it looks like it doesn't stop there. If you thought the first clip they shared was cryptic, wait till you see their new live stream video. We can only speculate that the videos lead up to new music, but what is clear is that the duo is sending followers on a scavenging hunt.

The band's first video was posted on their social media platforms on June 10 which had their new single 'Level of Concern' playing in the new clip with the code "LOC-061-220-2012P" scrawled across the screen. On June 12, frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun linked fans to a live stream via Twitter.

During the live stream, a television played in a darkened room with a series of bizarre videos and flashed the number 1-877-LVL-CNRN across the screen. Fans were also prompted to visit a new website that featured similar visuals as the live but asked for fans to enter a code. Symbols are listed on the website but occasionally flash across the TV screen in the live stream as well. 

Another clue that tied into all this is when Twenty One Pilots posted a photo on June 10 with the code LOC-491-555-09JKL. Fans can enter this code on the band’s coded website to unlock “USB drive 1.” As of now, there are 20 USB drives in total waiting to be unlocked by fans, with each containing a unique code.

A zip file is downloaded onto the computer once the drive is opened. Inside USB drive 1 are several clues that could be hinting at a new song from the band or an upcoming album. One of the first items inside the drive is a one-second audio clip that says "level 1". There is also a photo of Joseph and Dun working in the studio along with a behind-the-scenes video of Dun at soundcheck and another of Joseph in front of a piano. Additionally, the same symbols on the band's new cryptic website are featured in various photos on the drive.

Based on the 'Level of Concern' single artwork which features a photo of a USB, some fans believe that the clues in drive 1 are about the recent single and not specifically new music. In May, Joseph revealed that new music from the band will arrive sooner than anticipated. 

Fans are in a frenzy over the cryptic messaging. Some are losing sleep while others are waiting for the next code to be released. "How can you sleep at night while torturing us," asks a fan while another said, "My whole day was consumed by this." One fan wrote, "F**k covid-19 we want code 19." 

"What if when we get code 20 it says 'congratulations for completing chapter 1. click here to start chapter 2,'" one fan pondered. "SOMEONE ON DISCORD JUST SAID 'the real code is the friends we make along the way' GOOD F**KING NIGHT," wrote another fan.


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