Netflix's 'Turn Up Charlie' will show us Idris Elba's lighter side

'Turn Up Charlie' stars Idris Elba as a lesser-known DJ, moonlighting as a 'manny' to his famous best friend's spoiled daughter, and this isn't his only 'first'

                            Netflix's 'Turn Up Charlie' will show us Idris Elba's lighter side

Idris Elba can do everything. Haters might say he can't do comedy, but the 46-year-old actor is proving them wrong with Netflix's upcoming comedy series 'Turn Up Charlie.' Not only is the award-winning actor exploring and conquering all kinds of genre, he is, perhaps, taking away the "manny" crown from Justin Hartley's character of Kevin Pearson in 'This Is Us.' 

'Turn Up Charlie,' is slated to premiere March 15 and will follow Elba as Charlie, a struggling DJ and an "eternal bachelor," who is given a final chance at success when he becomes a "manny" to his famous best friend’s problem-child daughter, Gabrielle (Frankie Hervey).

It will be hard for 'Luther' fans to imagine Elba as the "manny" training a Hollywood brat. Elba has portrayed the role of a serious cop, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, more often than not, breaching protocol and using unorthodox methods to solve grave mysteries.

It will be unexpected for fans to see Elba playing a "manny," instead of James Bond, because remember how the internet went ca-ra-zy when Elba posted a Twitter caption with a familiar catchphrase "my name’s Elba, Idris Elba." He was speculated to be the agent 007 in 2020, and the hashtag #Idris4Bond is anyway on trend.


However, it will be refreshing to see him on 'Turn Up Charlie,' not only because he is doing comedy for the first time ever, but he is also partly being himself by taking up the role of Charlie - a DJ- albeit a lesser famous one than DJ Big Driis.

Known for his roles in BBC cop drama 'Luther' and the cult US hit 'The Wire,' Elba has been trying out many "firsts" in the last few years. Last year the 'Sexiest Man Alive' directed his first feature film, 'Yardie,' an adaptation of a notorious novel about Jamaican gangsters in London. He even designed clothes for Superdry and set up his own record label.

Idris Elba attends the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2018 at the Theatre Royal on November 18, 2018 in London, England. (Getty Images)
Idris Elba attends the Evening Standard Theatre Awards 2018 at the Theatre Royal on November 18, 2018 in London, England. (Getty Images)

In one of his interviews, Elba candidly shared the reason he is dipping his foot in unknown waters is because he is running out of time. "So, part of this journey of digging deeper into my fears is the idea that I’m getting older. I’m probably annoying to people going, ‘F**king hell, he never sits still.’ But we all die, we’ve got plenty of time to sit still," Elba stated.

Since it is Elba we are talking about, he isn't one to make "first time" seem like the first time. Elba's a man with the Midas touch; like when he decided to drive a car really fast, he ended up shattering Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 88-year-old record for the "flying mile."

Then he learned to fly a stunt plane and defeated three professional pilots in a competition. Then he tried his hands at kickboxing, in his 40s, and won his first contest with a knockout in the first round. Now he has delved into the comedic genre, so should the kings of comedy be worried for their throne? Fans definitely think so.



But here's even more exciting news. Elba isn't done. The multi-talented actor did say there could be a film on the UK hit cop show 'Luther' which is now in season 5. In an interview, he teased 'Luther' fans the show is unlikely to return and "if there is a film, then it will be somehow connected to this season."

The cop-turned-manny now has a lot of his "firsts" projects coming this year, (why wouldn't he, he's just the conqueror of everything including hearts). News of him currently filming the musical, 'Cats,' has emerged where he is playing the role of Macavity.

On the road and kicking a***s, we will see him as the villain this August in the 'Fast & Furious' spinoff 'Hobbs and Shaw' starring opposite Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. He is also said to be in talks for MGM’s supernatural thriller 'Deeper,' according to Variety

A key player of Marvel Cinematic Universe and a man who defies anything impossible, I wonder how many things have already been ticked off his 2019 bucket list this year. It's just February for Pete's sake!