Tucker Carlson slammed for criticizing media stance on QAnon threat: 'Will much of the GOP be far behind?'

Tucker Carlson slammed for criticizing media stance on QAnon threat: 'Will much of the GOP be far behind?'
Tucker Carlson (L) and David Reinert holds up a large 'Q' sign while waiting in line for a Trump rally (Getty Images)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has once again come under fire - this time, for apparently jumping to the defense of far-right fringe conspiracy theory group QAnon. Carlson's comments came as he criticized Florida Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murphy's bill to keep sensitive information from Capitol insurrectionists and QAnon adherents.

On 'Tucker Carlson Tonight', the host criticized Murphy's recently proposed Security Clearance Improvement Act of 2021, which was introduced in the aftermath of the failed insurrection attempt at the US Capitol building on January 6. The proposed bill would require the government to add two questions to a lengthy form that applicants have to complete to obtain a security clearance, including, "Did you participate in the activities occurring at the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, or in any similar activity?" and "Have you ever been a member of, associated with, or knowingly engaged in activities conducted by an organization or movement that spreads conspiracy theories and false information about the United States Government?”

Murphy, a former Department of Defense specialist, said in a statement, "Any individual who participated in the assault on the Capitol or who is a member of the conspiracy movement QAnon should be required to disclose this fact when applying to obtain or maintain a federal security clearance." She also told The Daily Beast, "If any Americans participated in the Capitol attack, or if they subscribe to these dangerous anti-government views of QAnon, then they have no business being entrusted with our nation's secrets."

Rioters interact with Capitol Police inside the U.S. Capitol Building on January 06, 2021, in Washington, DC. Congress held a joint session to ratify President Joe Biden's 306-232 Electoral College win over former President Donald Trump (Getty Images).

On his show, Carlson called out the proposed bill, saying, "Listen as the geniuses explain how the single biggest threat to this country isn’t Chinese hegemony, or even the coming hyperinflation, pretty much a certainty now, which was 100% caused by elite mismanagement of our economy,” going on to sarcastically say the "forbidden idea" QAnon is the country's "real threat."

Carlson went on to say, "There's a clear line between democracy and tyranny, between self-government and dictatorship. And here's what that line is. That line is your conscience. They cannot cross that. Government has every right to tell you what to do. No democratic government can ever tell you what to think. Your mind belongs to you, and it is yours and yours alone."

He continued, "Once politicians attempt to control what you believe they are no longer politicians - they are by definition dictators. And if they succeed in controlling what you believe, you are no longer a citizen, you are not a free man, you are a slave."

As the clip was widely shared on social media, Carlson was called out for coming to the defense of QAnon. One user wrote, "@TuckerCarlson & his #PoisonIvy league comrades don't have the decency, intellect or guts to challenge anything or anyone outside the context of a secure, air conditioned studio. Instead, he riles up the dangerous, delusional and misguided for easy cash and makeshift prominence." Another wrote, "Tucker Carlson wants to remind you that if you want to believe that there is a global cabal of Satan worshipping, cannabilistic pedophiles running a global sex trafficking ring, which is out to get Donald Trump, you can."




Political commentator Bill Kristol tweeted, "Tucker Carlson goes anti-anti-QAnon. Will much of the GOP be far behind?" Another wrote, "According to Tucker, if the media says it's crazy to believe that Democrats run an international Satanic cabal of pedophile cannibals, that means government is taking away your freedom of thought. That's what America's uncles are hearing tonight. And tomorrow. And the next day."




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