'Truth Be Told': Octavia Spencer's Poppy is chasing truth no matter the cost, but are her intentions right?

'Truth Be Told': Octavia Spencer's Poppy is chasing truth no matter the cost, but are her intentions right?

One of Apple TV +'s most anticipated releases, 'Truth Be Told', will premiere on Friday, December 6, and we are already excited. True crime drama inspired by a bestselling novel, starring Octavia Spencer, Aaron Paul and Lizzy Caplan? Sign us up to an Apple subscription already! 

The upcoming series narrates the story of a man named Warren Cave, portrayed by Aaron Paul, and Hunter Doohan in the flashbacks, who was seemingly wrongly sentenced to a murder he did not commit, largely because of the work of journalist Poppy Scoville-Parnell portrayed by Spencer. It is established that Poppy's work is what pushed the young Warren to be tried as an adult despite being 16 at the time, and it is her coverage of this particular crime that propelled her career and made her somewhat of a celebrity.

After decades, however, new evidence regarding murder is revealed, specifically the fact that Chuck Buhrman (Nic Bishop), the man who was supposedly killed by Warren, was killed at his home when his entire family was at home, and yet they all slept through his murder. Subsequently, everything that is a little off about the Bhurman family comes into the limelight, and yet, we don't know if the right man is behind the bars. 


"I have to get to the truth of what happened that night," says Poppy in the First Look of the series that was released by Apple TV's YouTube channel on Monday, November 25. It is clear that so many people are against her excavating the truth, and yet nothing can deter her, even Warren's own insults and the guards that he has up when Poppy goes to visit him, with the offer of rescuing him. Soon, it becomes clear that the truth — at least, not entirely — did not come out during the trial.

Even as she chases the truth, Poppy is forced to prove time and again that she has opened up this old case, one that could potentially ruin lives, for the right reasons. Will she at least be able to convince herself of this? Find out when the show premieres on Apple TV+ on Friday, December 6.


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