Trump claims Antifa activist Michael Reinoehl was killed as 'retribution', Internet says 'this is fascism'

In a recent interview, Trump called Michael Reinoehl a 'violent criminal' and branded his death at the hands of US Marshals 'retribution' for the murder of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson

                            Trump claims Antifa activist Michael Reinoehl was killed as 'retribution', Internet says 'this is fascism'
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President Donald Trump went on the record to say that the killing of Antifa supporter Michael Reinoehl in Portland, Oregon, earlier this month was "retribution", in an interview with Fox News on Saturday, September 12, night. Speaking to Judge Jeanine Pirro on the channel, Trump admitted to having sent US Marshals to look for the 48-year-old Reinoehl who had fatally shot Aaron "Jay" Danielson on August 29.

The incident happened when Trump supporters ended up clashing with BLM supporters in Portland. On September 3, police officers investigating Danielson's death ended up fatally shooting Reinoehl in Lacey, Washington, according to Daily Mail. The Portland police department had secured a second-degree murder warrant for Reinoehl in connection with Daniel's death, reported Fox News.

He was shot multiple times by US Marshals outside an apartment block in WA. Speaking about his killing, Trump explained, “We sent in the US Marshals for the killer [Reinoehl] who shot the young man [Danielson] on the street. Cold-blooded killed him. He didn't like his hat or something.” He continued, "It wasn't a Trump hat. It was a religious hat. And he shot him cold blood. Two-and-a-half days went by and I put out when are you going to go get him? The US Marshals went in to get him and they ended in a gunfight."

"This guy was a violent criminal and the US Marshals killed him. That's the way it has to be. There has to be retribution when you have crime like this. There can't be guys standing up that wanna fight. You can't throw bricks at people with shields," Trump said. Twitter has been abuzz since the interview was aired and people are expressing their disappointment regarding the statements made by the President.

"Trump condoned retribution killings in a fox news interview. That is akin to the president of the United States sanctioning Extrajudicial Killings. Sad times for this country," wrote a user.


"You can't have a President, who the GOP not only support but are complicit with, inciting division and this hatred and then try to blame others. This is TRUMP'S America right now and he just said in an interview that there needs to be does this help?" tweeted another. 


"'There has to be retribution.' Never mind about the rule of law and the criminal justice process... Trump wants 'retribution'. He isn’t interested in 'law and order', he only cares about revenge. This is what fascism looks like," tweeted another. 


"I wonder what happens when Trump realizes retribution isn't a one-way street," wrote another, hinting that there will always be retaliation for any actions he declares against the people of America.


Another tweet read, "Note that Trump did not say 'self-defense'. He said 'retribution'. He did not say police get to protect themselves. He said they should kill people they believe should be killed."


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