Trisha Paytas branded a hypocrite for slamming David Dobrik and Vlog Squad: 'Your credibility is in the sewers'

Trisha Paytas has been accused of making racist, homophobic and transphobic comments and also making fun of people with mental illnesses

                            Trisha Paytas branded a hypocrite for slamming David Dobrik and Vlog Squad: 'Your credibility is in the sewers'
Trisha Paytas (Getty Images)

YouTuber Trisha Paytas is trending on Twitter with hordes of people slamming her past actions after she posted a video on her channel. Titled 'David Dobrik racist + condoning underage grooming', Paytas spoke about fellow YouTube star David Dobrik and his friends Brandon Calvillo and Jason Nash. 

She started the video by apologizing for using the N-slur twice in the past, some seven years ago, and for dressing up as a character from 'Django Unchained'. Later, she went on to commend her friend and fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson for taking accountability for his past racist views, wearing blackface and child molester comments, among other things. Dawson has also been trending on Twitter after he posted a video on his channel apologizing for his past comments.

She also expressed sadness over Jenna Marbles who announced her exit from YouTube after people called her out for impersonating rapper Nicki Minaj and using blackface. She then moved on to talk about Dobrik and his Vlog Squad. "Why is everyone taking accountability except David Dobrik, Jason Nash, and that whole Vlog Squad for being racist, homophobic, and for supporting their friend dating minors. Dobrik has a fan base of frat guys and young girls who think he's cute, so he can get a free pass? All his friends are cute white guys so they get a pass? It's insane," said Paytas in the video

Her comments have not gone down well with people who saw the video. Earlier in the day, Shane was dragged for masking his apology under his mental health issues and now Paytas is being slammed for her apology video too. 

"Trisha Paytas is racist, homophobic, transphobic, and makes fun of people with mental illnesses. She has offended so many people and she tries to brush it off with a bulls**t apology video," said a user on Twitter. "Well, I don't see Trisha changing she still that same evil person that she's always been and that will never change," said another. "No one's saying it, it's hypocritical oh Trisha to call other people out for problematic s**t when she doesn't take accountability for herself. She doesn't have room to be calling out the Vlog Squad because her credibility is in the f***ing sewers," wrote another. "It's really ridiculous that some of you will support one person to bash a group of people yet she's racist transphobic pedo manipulative as all hell. She lies and trolls for views. #trishapaytas If you support Trisha please block me," wrote another.

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